The Star of Christmas: Finding The True Meaning of Christmas

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The giving of gifts did not originate with man. Long before anyone conceived of the idea, God had determined that He would give to each person—a gift of such profound magnitude—the world would stand in awe of His love.

In Bethlehem, 2,000 years ago, a tiny baby was born who did not originate in the womb of Mary. He came out of eternity and made His entrance into the world through the veil of human flesh. God became a man so that all those who would receive Him could obtain eternal life. There is no payment for this gift that is necessary by any one of us. God would pay the full price and give His only Son—freely, lavishly—out of compassion and care.

Christmas is the profound exhibition of God’s love for all people—illustrated by the perfect life of His Son. Although Jesus was born as a man, He lived a life of perfect righteousness, fulfilling all of the requirements of God. He died, not for His own sins, but for the sins of the whole world. Regardless of our estate in life, whether poor or rich, good or bad, all those who receive Jesus become as righteous and perfect as He is—forever.

Though He lived only 33 years amongst us—His life, death and resurrection have forever changed the lives of countless numbers of people who have believed upon Him.

Christmas is more than the human expression of buying gifts, wrapping packages and giving our love. It is the celebration of this single life which has brought hope to all people. God has come and invited us to come and receive the gift of His love—for time without end. All we must do is receive His Son and He will receive us.

In the delight and enjoyment of the Christmas season, there is a great need today to understand the true purpose of the celebration. This book is a look at the origin and intent of God’s great gift in giving us His Only Son.

Take a Look Inside: “The Star of Christmas”

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