Errors in our Concept of God


It is reasonable that whatever your concept of God currently is, this knowledge is very limited. It is impossible for a transient being to completely understand a transcendent being. It is certain that what we think we know about God is infinitely less than the reality of His person.

The existence of our world–independent of a natural cause, is self-evident. We have an inner knowledge that this planet exists for us, having been made for us. The beauty of nature and its continual soothing presence upon our souls, reminds us that we exist in a world which has been is perfectly created for human life. When scientists examine the conditions which were present at the beginning of the universe, they are stunned that the earth in its present conditions–exists at all. The chaotic environment of the initial universe would not have allowed for the conditions we see present on our planet–were it not for certain precise events occurring, over billions of years, in the formation of the universe, galaxies, stars and planets.

In the article: “40 Empirical Facts that Prove the Existence of God,” I detail the many proofs for a universe that exists by creation–apart from a naturalistic cause. The evidence for a created universe is overwhelming and undeniable.

Let us be honest: The universe and the earth itself, are reasonable proof for the existence of God. The most logical explanation for any phenomenon of unknown origin is often the most obvious. A beautifully engineered, intelligently functioning creation must logically originate from an intelligence rather than the product of random chance.

If God exists, would there necessarily be any greater proof of His existence than what we have already observed? Since all the visible and microscopic evidence in the universe points to an intelligent Creator, a wise person would follow this evidence to its rational source and conclude that the universe has a purpose.

There is great order and obvious intrinsic design that has been built-in to the universe, although certain processes in the formation of stars and planets appear chaotic. Even the violence of galaxies and planets being created and destroyed have a purpose independent of their existence. What is the real purpose for human life? Do we really believe that human life is a complete accident of nature? Our very existence as living beings–cries out for validation and purpose. God made us for Himself and until we find ourselves in Him, life remains a mystery.

Common source for a denial of God

Amongst the many excuses for a denial of God’s existence: a willful denial of empirical facts, a desire to continue in a chosen lifestyle, or a past hurt by someone who has claimed to be believer in God–the later being the most difficult to overcome. In reality, many of the reasons for a denial of God, actually originate in a painful past experience. When a person is deeply hurt by a religious person or organization, they attribute their treatment to the character of God and reject Him altogether. Others who have sought the Lord during a time of crisis and did not receive the answers or help they desired–find it impossible to trust a being who not help them in their greatest hour of trial.

I have had many lengthy discussions with people who spend countless hours seeking to refute God, whom they claim, does not exist. This is an unsolvable paradox. It is unreasonable to try and prove that something does not exist. Things which we sincerely believe, do not exist, do not require effort to prove their non existence. The fact that great effort is exercised in seeking to disprove God–is solid evidence that the consciousness of this person is deeply conflicted. Often those who are most resistant to God, are in reality–exhibiting their hostility as a last ditched effort to deny what their heart knows is true.

The reality of God is all around us and visible in everything we can see. The world we live in, the people we know, the life we live–all empirical evidence for God, who made these things for us and our happiness. We observe the reality of God in the beauty of children, and the design and order of nature. Our relationships with other people who are dear to us–remind us that life is a precious gift that exists to bless our hearts. These intrinsic and precious parts of life have value for human beings because they were made for us, by a Creator who loves us. Just as we create an environment for our loved ones where they will be happy and thrive–God has made a world for us that contains everything we need to flourish and live.

Excuses and reality

When we carefully examine the real reasons that many people do not believe in God, nor seek Him, we find that their objections are in reality–excuses which lack a logical basis. Jesus said that all of the reasons that people give for not seeking Him–are centered on one reality.

John 5:40 But you are not willing to come to Me that you may have life.

Why will people not come to Jesus and seek the eternal life that He offers? Jesus said that it is due to their love of sin and their unwillingness to turn from it–to Him.

John 3:19 And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.

Many people simply love the life they are currently living and have no desire to change. Jesus describes this life as “darkness,” while He offers them a life filled with “light.”

Why is there evil and suffering?

A second reason that God is rejected is His perceived inability or lack of desire to end evil and suffering that is present in the world. If God is all powerful and loves us, why does He allow human beings to suffer so greatly–without doing anything to stop it?

This is precisely the purpose of the Bible. God has done something about it, and the details of how He will end all human suffering and evil is described at great length in the Bible.

The world which now exists is not the world that God originally created. When sin entered human life–the world became a place of ruin and destruction. Sin is defined by all of the terrible and hurtful things that we see occurring in our world every day. In order to understand what sin is and what it has done, all we must do is turn on the television or pick up a newspaper. Detailed in every news source are the daily horrors of sin and its scourge upon human life. People hurt, kill, and destroy the lives of other people because they are inherently infected with the moral defect of sin. The selfishness that we see in ourselves and others–originates in this defect. Although we are capable of great acts of love and kindness–our real nature is one of intense selfishness and an insatiable lust for things which satisfy ourselves. We find it nearly impossible to do anything that is strictly for the benefit of others. Even when we perform acts of kindness and love for other people, we find that we need some form of recognition or acknowledgement for ourselves or we feel slighted.

God has taken careful and precise steps to end this scourge of sin upon our lives. He has sent His only Son into the world–to become one of us and live amongst us. Jesus lived a perfect life apart from sin, and by His virgin birth, He did not possess the defect of sin himself. Having come out of eternity as the Creator/God of all things, Jesus life is of such great value, He was able to offer His life for the lives of all of us. The Bible describes those who fall upon the mercy of God and seek the forgiveness of their sins through Jesus death for us, as “forgiven, saved, and redeemed,” to a life that is eternal–with God and free from all future judgment, death, and suffering.

This is a major topic of the Bible: how the world became full of evil and the way in which God plans to restore it to its original perfection and glory.

In God’s plan to bring the Messiah to earth: First, to remedy the problem of sin; later, to remove all evil. The Lord will soon establish a perfect kingdom of righteousness and forever put away all evil and suffering.

Salvation now

In this present age, God is offering redemption to each one of us. His offer is of limited duration, ending at our physical death. We have but one life to hear and receive the only Savior whom God has provided for us, and to be saved. If we reject His offer, we leave our eternal destiny in certain jeopardy. God has no other way to grant us eternal life apart from the forgiveness of our sins through His Son Jesus Christ.

God has made it possible for us to live in a place of complete perfection where beauty, love and eternal peace abide forever. He has the power to remove the terrible consequences of our own sins as well as those committed by other people against us. The choice to accept His offer is left to us for our decision.

If we reject God and what He has accomplished for us, then we will see His wrath. It is a personal offense to God if we trample under foot the tremendous sacrifice that Jesus has made for us by suffering the horrors of the cross.

Hebrews 10:29 Of how much worse punishment, do you suppose, will he be thought worthy who has trampled the Son of God underfoot, counted the blood of the covenant by which he was sanctified a common thing, and insulted the Spirit of grace?

Why would God suffer for us?

I read a comment from someone who claims to be an atheist recently. He said that he finds it hard to accept that a God who only suffered for six hours on the cross is worthy of his complete allegiance and the surrender of his whole life. This poor man has not carefully thought through his conclusion. That God would allow His Son to suffer for any of us at all is a profound reality in itself.

Why God would allow His Son to suffer and die for people like us, is the real question. Are we of greater value and worth than the eternal and perfect life of the Son of God? Jesus is described as the Creator of the Universe (Colossians 1:17). There is no limit to the worth of a being such as He.

I suppose that some people, like this young man, imagine that their life is of such great worth, that God would greatly benefit by the love and worship of such a man as he. In truth, God does not need us to complete Himself or fulfill any need for companionship or worship. God is totally self sufficient and has this way for eternity.

The reality is that we need Him and the life and love that He offers us. The inner longing of the human heart can never be fully satisfied by anything in this world. We came from God and it is Him that our hearts long for. Only when we are restored to our God and find a personal relationship with our Creator, can we truly find satisfaction.

An accident or for a purpose?

I recently read the comments of theoretical physicist, Dr. Lawrence Krauss, who said:

“From a cosmic perspective, we’re irrelevant. It’s up to us to give our lives meaning.”[2]

This philosophy of life will work just fine until a person reaches a moment of unparalleled difficulty, sickness, or death. In these moments, the reality of who we really are as a human being and the horrible actuality of a life without “relevance,” which comes from a denial of God, comes into clear focus during moments of unparalleled suffering.

For most people, we are keenly aware that there is something terribly wrong within us, and we are certain that we cannot ever be the person whom we would really like to be. Have you considered why it is that you know something is wrong from deep within your heart? Where does this knowledge come from? If we are truly a product of evolution, then a conscience which makes us aware of our inability to be perfect should have been mutated out of our physical and emotional conscience long ago. A conscience which causes us to be self-aware that our behavior is wrong is impossible if there is no God and His moral laws do not exist. A conscience which makes us feel bad about ourselves because of the way we act, is of absolutely no use in evolution. I submit that the human consciousness of sin is stunning proof for the existence of God, who created us with this ability. We have a defect within us and every person knows this because we live with it’s reality every day of our life.

The Bible says that this defect can be removed but only by a carefully prescribed process that God alone has the power to orchestrate. Our part is to believe what God has said about sin and our present helpless state. If we are willing to accept in totality the provisions that the Lord has made for the removal of our sin, then we can change and become a “new creation.”

2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.

Those who stubbornly refuse to consider carefully what God has said about sin and our great need to have our wrongful actions purged, will not be able to enter into the presence of God, where sin has been exiled forever.

One life, one opportunity

God has appointed a brief period of time for human beings to rethink their life and turn to Him for salvation. The moment when God will hear the prayers of sinners and grant the forgiveness of sins is now. For six thousand years, every person has had the opportunity to go from sinner to saint and join the family of God by coming into a relationship with Him, through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross.

When this time of grace has concluded and our life is over, no one may pray or seek God for the forgiveness of their sins-for God will not hear them. The has been more than fair with all human beings in allowing us to come to Him and be saved. If we are eternally lost, it will be our fault, not God’s.

The reward for acceptance of Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins is eternal, time without end. Likewise, the punishment for a rejection of His offer of salvation is also eternal, time without end, being excluded from the goodness and presence of God forever.

When one-third of the angelic hosts rebelled against God, there was no plan of salvation offered to them. Although they lived in the presence of God, they were lost forever and their eternal place of dwelling will be in the lake of fire. Hell was made for the devil and his angels, not for human beings. All those who reject Jesus Christ and experience the wrath of His judgment will also take their place with the devil and his angels in the Lake of Fire. If a person ends up in this place, it is not by the will of God but by the foolish will of those persons who refused to receive what God has offered.

If God did not spare the angels, that are greater in number than all human beings, He will certainly not spare any person who has rejected the plan that He has made available for our salvation.

There are three aspects of Jesus’ appearance on the earth as the Messiah: He will come as Savior, Judge, and King.

1. Savior: Jesus’ first appearance was for the purpose of fulfilling the Old Testament prophecies regarding the coming Messiah who will lay down His life as The Lamb of God, being the Savior of all men.
2. Judge: At Jesus’ second appearance, He will be coming as Judge who will bring God’s wrath to the earth upon those who have refused to receive Him. By the execution of 21 judgments described in the Book of Revelation, God will complete His wrath over the earth that has rejected His Son.
3. King: Upon the completion of the outpouring of His wrath, Jesus will establish a kingdom of Righteousness over the earth, for a period of one thousand years, reigning as King over all the earth.

The two distinct ministries of the Lord–Savior and Judge–are often misunderstood. Jesus is both a very loving and compassionate Savior who has laid down His life for the sins of all people, as well as a Righteous Judge who will examine the lives of every person and hold them accountable for their sins.

We love to hear about the mercy of God, but it is another matter altogether to endure a discussion over His wrath. We should remember that God has no tolerance for sin. He did not create human beings to live forever in their own private rebellion on the earth.

God created us for righteousness and to worship and serve Him forever. There are some who find the reality of wrath and judgment offensive and appalling. For some, the thought that God would assign a person to eternal punishment for rejecting His offer of salvation, is intolerable. Whether we choose to believe that God is a Judge of morality as well as a Savior of love, does not diminish the reality that He is both. Those who deny the existence of God, or seek to diminish His capacity to execute judgement for sin, are only bringing harm to themselves. The Lord has appointed a time in which He will judge the secret lives of all people, according to the gospel that has been preached through the scriptures.

Romans 2:16 in the day when God will judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ, according to my gospel.

Therefore, if we do not give Him full honor in our life and bow to His right to rule over us, we are the greatest fools in the universe.[1] We will lose the opportunity to explore the reality of eternal life while dwelling in perfection and beauty. We will miss the privilege of fully knowing who God is and the character of His person.

[1] Psalm 14:1, Psalm 53:1
[2] Lawrence Krauss, December 26, 2012, 12:00 AM,

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