The Enduring Myth of Jesus


Many people in the world get so caught up in whether God exists, the Bible is reliable, or Jesus is a myth—while missing the most important part of the story: The Love.

Whatever a person might think about people who claim that they are “Christian,” though their behavior is far from that of Christ—there can be no denying the power of Jesus Love.

The story of God coming to earth as a baby and living amongst us—only to die 33 1/2 years later for the sins of the world, is unparalleled in the history of the world.

If someone made this story up, or if it was intended as a fabrication or myth—it is an extraordinary myth.

Who would write a story about a man who is poor, without a home, who claims that he came to die for the wrongs of others—only to be brutally butchered on a Roman cross. Sounds more like a failure than a triumph. Most people are not really attracted to that kind of story.

If a person really wanted to write a great myth to convince the world, the main character wouldn’t come as a poor man with nothing in the world but his torn and dirty clothes. The hero in a story the world would believe, comes to the earth as a great king, triumphing over oppressive governments and setting subjugated people free.

He would attract thousands of followers who would hail him as a success against the evil forces of men.

Not this man from Nazareth. He was by all accounts—a total failure in the estimation of men. He achieved no academic degree, government position, or tribute by famous men. He is written in the history books as a failure, a deceiver, and a liar.

How is it that this man who failed to measure up to any estimation of human triumph—is spoken of in every language on the planet? Why have more books been written of Him, than any single person in the history of the world? Why do we call our years by the birth of this failure? Why are holidays and seasons named after this insignificant man?

Don’t they know that there never was a person called “Jesus of Nazareth?” The whole gospel myth was made up by men trying to gain control over the weak minds of the gullible.

It is hard to imagine that millions of people in the first three centuries of the world would follow such a man—believing the foolish tale that he had risen from the dead. Everyone knows that there are no truly verifiable supernatural events that violate the laws of nature.

Oh yes, there is the love story…

For God so loved every person in the world, He gave His Son—to die for our moral failures and evil deeds. Why would anyone do such a thing?

If he was truly eternal and the one who allegedly created this vast universe, why would he allow evil men to brutalize Him—oh, that’s right—the love.

If he was genuinely without sin himself, why would he be willing to take all the sins of the entire population of the world, for all time? If he had never himself known sin, why would he become sin for us? Certainly if he is really “God,” he knew that most of the people on the earth would not believe in him, or even thank him for what he has done for them.

You see, what a miserable failure he was. He accomplished nothing!

Then he instructed his followers to forgive those who use, abuse, and take advantage of them. What a weak leader this man is. Everyone knows that if you truly want to get ahead in this world, walk over people who get in your way. Those who do you wrong—do them wrong. This is the way that men succeed.

Not this carpenter from Galilee.

He hung out with sinners, well that is what they said about him. In reality, the people that Jesus associated with—were the scum of the earth. Tax collectors, whores, and reprobates. He paid attention to people that no one else in the world cared about.

If there really was a God, he would have no time for people who have ruined their lives. He would reveal himself to the smart and influential people of the world. He would visit the wealthy, intelligent, and powerful, not the least of the world. You see, this is why this Jesus must be a myth.

Love, well all he did was give up all he had for people who never turned to thank him. Even when the people who he was trying to love, pierced his hands and feet, spit on him, yanked out his beard, and punched him in the face—this fool, Jesus—said from the cross: “Father forgive them for they don’t understand what they are doing…”

How could a story like that be true?

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