Robin Williams, Dead at 63

There is that first moment when you hear that someone you knew well, has passed away. It always catches you by surprise and leaves a hollow feeling deep in your heart. When that someone is a very public figure like Robin Williams, there are also tears.

For years Robin suffered from deep depression. Though he was known all over the world and greatly beloved, his heart longed for more.

It is a sad truth of life that money, fame, and prosperity, do not grant us peace. Jesus said that a man may give all to gain the whole world, only to lose his own soul. There are millions of people today, all over the world who have empty souls. Searching for happiness–but never finding it. Trying to make enough money to feel secure–only to be filled with fear of losing it all.

There is a very wise and simple statement that sums up all of life and it says:

“No Jesus, No Peace.”Know Jesus, Know Peace.” 

No one really knows where Robin’s heart was in relationship to Jesus at his death. We can only hope that he had called on the name of the Lord and is finally home with Him now–his tormented soul, comforted. Sadly, we did not see a manifestation of this faith during his life, and our lives are the truest mirror of our genuine heart.

I will miss Robin, and I am deeply saddened that this fallen world has taken another, who could have had so much more… If only, Jesus…

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2 replies

  1. Even K-Love today is covering the suicide of Robin Williams by reference only to his past humor without mentioning the tragedy (here and hereafter) of not knowing Jesus Christ in relationship with Him, the Abba Father and the Holy Spirit. You’re right; we cannot know what may have occurred between Robin and Jesus at the end before he took his last breath. But he nonetheless leaves children behind by more than one wife after two divorces and a fairly recent third marriage which indicates he wasn’t living by NT Biblical principles, and the children of course will be devastated. The effects of sin are profound like pond ripples around satan’s stones cast into troubled water.

    All of us sin, myself included, and there’s no hope for our salvation and inside-out reformation of character without Jesus Christ. Somewhere that keeps getting lost in the 21st century to our peril. The lukewarm “Christian nation” we once were has even spawned an Islam-privileging pro-terrorist presidential administration that signals plans of curtailing anti-terrorism protections of the U.S. homeland that would look to the source (the Quran’s “religious” community sourcing of violent, intolerant, hostile and deceptively scheming actions of conquest by Muslims against non-Muslims with particular focus on Christians and Jews) as if Quakers are as likely a source of global terrorism as Muslims. (Provably, not!) It’s as if the Islamist world of terrorism is taking a voluntary “hudna” since the 4/15/13 Boston Marathon bombing until the president (in apparent actual alignment with the pro-terrorist values of his brother Malik Obama) can leave America sufficiently undefended for massive terrorist strikes to be successful in conquering us (to martial law or worse) through the chaos and horror of terrorism. Sure, Robin Williams did a funny bit about jihadists still on Youtube (today making his death the brunt of mean-spirited tweets from the IS jihadist army mobilizing currently for continental export from the former Syria and Iraq, thanks in part to their use of the U.S. military equipment conveniently left behind for them in Iraq). IS is already conducting genocide (for the past month or more) against Syrian and Iraqi Christians but the Yazidis get the global press attention and the main attention of the president who behaves as if a Muslim not a Christian — not that genocide against any group (Yazidis, Christians, Jews or otherwise) is ever a good idea.

    If we focus on what’s funny from a comic who joked about jihad and ended his own life by suicide instead of our paying attention to what’s happening right under our noses, then we may not know how, as Jesus directed by the Olivet discourse, to: “Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.” Luke 21:36 (KJV).


  2. I agree with you, Robert. If only he had given his life to Jesus.


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