How God Can Be Known


There are physical eyes by which we can perceive the world and there are spiritual eyes whereby we may see into the realm of God’s Spirit. Many people worship the mountains, the seas, the skies and the trees, but not the God who made these things. Isaiah’s prophecy reveals that the Messiah will come into the world for the purpose of allowing men to see what God is truly like. He will walk amongst us, talk with us, and perform such amazing miracles that there will be no doubt that He is the one true Savior who has come into the world.

Jesus came into the world to give spiritual sight to those who cannot see God. Today there are many who are well educated and intelligent—while possessing little or no knowledge of God.

In many instances, it is human education that acts as a barrier to faith. A majority of secular colleges and universities have long since determined that God is a myth and they have set about to teach and indoctrinate their students into this secular world view. Many Christian young men and women who were not sufficiently grounded in their faith before they departed for these secular institutions, quickly lose their faith in favor of a humanistic view of the world, as taught by their professors.

God has revealed Himself to all human kind by the things that He has made. The universe, the earth, and human life, stand as stunning proof for the infinite wisdom and power of God. A basic fundamental truth that is ignored by those who assert that God does not exist is the fact that no one knows how or where the universe came from. Described as a “singularity” where all time, space, and matter came into existence at a specific point—science has left us without a valid explanation for how this happened. The Bible describes the universe coming into existence by the creative power of God—from nothing.[1] The Bible describes God’s desire to make Himself known to mankind and specifically, through His Son—whom He has appointed as the singular agent to redeem all human beings who are willing. God sent His Son into the world at a specific point of human history and allowed Him to suffer and die for the sins of the world. This is in fulfillment of over 400 specific prophecies that describe the purpose and work of the Messiah.

Isaiah 42:16, describes the Messiah with the unique ability to open men’s spiritual eyes so that they can see God. Very often Jesus would first open the physical eyes of someone born blind, then complete the process by allowing him to also see spiritually for the first time.

When any person allows Jesus to enter their life, He begins to open up areas that were formerly unknown. Little by little, over the course of time, as a person begins to seek the Lord more diligently, more light and more knowledge of eternal principles come into focus. The greatest knowledge that anyone can gain during their life is to know God more fully through His Word.

Jeremiah 9:23-24 Thus says the LORD: “Let not the wise man glory in his wisdom, Let not the mighty man glory in his might, Nor let the rich man glory in his riches; 24 But let him who glories glory in this, That he understands and knows Me, That I am the LORD, exercising lovingkindness, judgment, and righteousness in the earth. For in these I delight,” says the LORD.

This is why I find the prophetic promises from the Old Testament and their fulfillment, as described by the New Testament, so important in my own life. I have learned a great deal about God and how He operates in the world around me, just by studying, meditating, writing, and teaching Bible prophecy to others. This promise of greater revelation from God is given through this prophecy of Isaiah that the Messiah will open the eyes of those who are truly seeking God with all of their heart.

The world is a rational place. Effects follow cause. A universe as magnificent as the one we find ourselves in must logically have come from a power and intelligence of infinite capacity. It is interesting that the singularity known today as the Big Bang is described as a moment when nothing existed and then suddenly it exploded and expanded into stars, planets, and galaxies.[2]

The beginning of the universe and the Bible

The first line of the Bible describes the moment of Creation as In the beginning, there was nothing and then God spoke and the universe came into existence. Both the scientific description and the Biblical account detail the beginning of the universe in the same way.

Science has never demonstrated that anything can manifest itself by random chance or multiple mutative processes. In fact, what we observe in the universe is that all things have a purposeful reason for their existence. If we have a machine, some person created the parts for that machine and assembled them in such a way that it could function for a useful purpose.

All animals and human life suddenly appeared on the earth fully functional at precise moments during earth’s past history. Science cannot demonstrate any species that came into being by random acts of mutation over a long period of time. What can be proven is that within certain species, there are adaptive evolutionary processes at work, that insure the further existence of the species. This is not evolution of a species, but evolution within a species. No one has ever proven that one species became a completely new species by an evolutionary process. The speculation that this is possible is all conjecture and theory, not scientific facts.

Made for a purpose

Both animals and human beings were discernibly created in a very specific way to fulfill distinct functions. The mind of the human being, the emotions, and perception of moral right, comprehension of justice, and the ability to reason and to love, indicate that we were intelligently created in this way for a purpose. It is illogical and unreasonable that the ethereal, analytical part of the human soul evolved. Evolution does nothing to explain the spiritual and emotional elements of man which are just as real and tangible as the physical.

The Bible describes man as created in the image of God. We are like our Creator in that we have the capacity for reason, we are able to create, order, and design things in our world. Human beings uniquely love, hate, feel deep emotion, and carry out great acts of courage and sacrifice. None of these traits of human consciousness would be possible or necessary had we simply evolved from lower life forms. Try to explain the deep sense of joy and satisfaction that you have when you create something beautiful or useful. In this experience, we can understand slightly the satisfaction that God had when He finished creating the universe, the earth and mankind, and said: It is good.

Evolution as a theory

The supposition of evolutionary speciation is both unprovable and has no factual scientific basis. There is no evidence that any species of animal has ever evolved into a completely new species. There are mutations and adaptive evolutionary processes which have been observed within certain species, called Microevolution, but no Macroevolutionary process of new species evolving from a lower life form, other than a few assertions that simple plants, and insects have become new species.[3] You will find many claims by evolutionists in which the process of Microevolution is used as proof for the “possibility” of Macroevolution, but no actual evidence for this process is ever given.

A rather large problem for Speciation is that no evidence from the fossil record has ever been discovered which proves that one species has evolved into a new species. The field of micro-biology has validated the fact that macroevolution is not only unlikely, but impossible. Mutations and errors in DNA do not add new information nor help in causing a new species, in fact—they prohibit the possibility of a new species.

I have read many of the papers which purport evidence for Speciation—discovering in every case, these publications fall short of actually proving their claims by testable and observable scientific evidence.

What does the evidence reveal?

The paleontological record of the earth shows that man in his present form suddenly appeared on the earth about six thousand years ago, fully formed as a human being. There is not a single credible fossil that has been discovered which has demonstrated how a primate became a human being. Yet, this theory, that the highest life form on the earth evolved from lower life forms, is being taught in our high schools and universities all over the United States, as if it is an established fact, when it is not.

Yesterday, my wife and I traveled for two hours from our home to one of our favorite day trip destinations—the Grand Canyon in Northern Arizona. As you walk around the rim of the Canyon, there are several altars dedicated to evolution and secular humanism at various locations throughout the park. It is repeatedly stated, as fact, that the canyon was formed by the very gradual process of the Colorado River, wearing away at the dirt and rock, over millions of years. This great expansive canyon, ten miles wide and a mile deep—stretching for over 200 miles, was caused by the slow and gradual erosion of soil and rock.

This of course, one theory for how the canyon formed. We must remember that none of those whom put forth this assertion were present when the canyon was formed. We really do not know how the Grand Canyon developed, nor the processes which caused it to exist.

Equally possible is the theory that a great cataclysmic event took place during the earth’s past history, which caused the massive erosion of the canyon in a very short period of time, rather than millions of years.

For decades, scientists have published, as a virtual certainty, their claim that the Canyon was formed over millions of years. They emphatically claim that this is the only means by which the immense canyon could have been created.

This was until May 18, 1980 at 8:32 a.m., when a 5.1 magnitude earthquake released enough energy at Mount Saint Helens in Oregon to cause the largest recorded landslide in the history of the Earth. The blast from super heated groundwater produced a massive explosion of powerfully heated material, moving laterally away from the mountain, in excess of three hundred miles per hour.[4]

Scientists estimate that the eruption reached its peak during a two-hour period of time between 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m., on May 18, 1980. The ensuing blast hurled millions of tons of hot rock and gas that melted the ice and snow on the mountain, producing a tremendous river of flowing mud, rock, and debris.[5]

The massive erosion, created by these mudflows, devastated the area below Mt. Saint Helens. On March 19, 1980, just one day after the initial eruption, the massive flow of water, mud, and rock, had carved out a canyon 140 feet deep, and 17 miles long. This canyon was named “The Little Grand Canyon of the Toutle River.”

Little Grand Canyon[6]

This canyon was created in a single day and is estimated to be 1/40th the size of the Grand Canyon in Arizona. A small creek now flows through the bottom of the Little Grand Canyon. The causal observer might imagine that it had taken thousands of years for this great chasm to form—while science confirms it took just twenty-four hours.[7]

Up to the time that Mount Saint Helens erupted and produced a mini Grand Canyon within a single day, scientists and geologists had no idea that such an event could occur in such a short period of time.

For this reason, it is rather disingenuous for the scientific community today to insist that geologic formations on the earth, such as the Grand Canyon, were formed solely by a process of millions of years of erosion.

In the same way, those who claim that the universe was created by natural processes which occurred over billions of years is quite frankly an incomplete hypothesis. The Big Bang may be one theory for the origination of the Universe, but there is another—more reasonable theory by which the universe came into existence; a creative act by an infinitely intelligent Being.

The first place that any credible scientists should look for evidence for why a particular phenomenon exists is the obvious. If we observe a perfectly balanced and finely tuned universe that allows for life—within closely defined parameters, it is reasonable that an intelligence has acted upon time, space, and matter to make life possible.

The point of these examples from geology and astronomy is that those who claim to be experts on the origin of the universe are not always as “expert” as they claim. The wisdom that men and women assert concerning events which have taken place millions or billions of years ago is simply guesswork at best. There is nothing wrong with postulating a theory as long as you are honest enough and willing to allow equally plausible theories to be discussed and considered at the same time.

Of course, the agenda of Secular Humanism, which is a religion in its own right, begins with a premise that God does not exist, and therefore makes all of its subsequent observations and conclusions from this humanistic bias.

Where Jesus Christ is recognized and known, the human mind develops a place of fuller freedom and can achieve even greater knowledge than any secular or materialistic society could ever produce. This was the purpose for which Jesus came into the world: To bring men and women to their fullest potential and convey to us understanding which is far greater than would be possible without the light of God’s revelation.

The fact is that all human beings are deeply spiritual. When this spiritual hunger is aligned with the reality of God’s existence as Creator, a person comes alive for the first time in their life.

The Bible describes the Messiah as bringing a Great Light to the Gentiles as well as all those who have the intellectual courage to consider Him and investigate His claims. It is by studying the ancient Hebrew prophecies of the Old Testament that we gain a greater awareness of God’s plan and purpose for human kind and the entire Cosmos.

This is the purpose for which the Messiah came into the world: I will bring the blind by a way they did not know; I will lead them in paths they have not known. I will make darkness light before them, And crooked places straight. These things I will do for them…

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[3] In all of the following articles that purport to show evidence of speciation in evolution, at best a few plants and insects, with the possibility of a fish or two are sited. In no study, no such example of one species evolving into an completely different species is ever given. I have included the following references which are used by proponents of Macroevolution for your perusal.
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