The Lack of Intellectual Argument Against The Existence of God


Let’s be honest, those who assert that God does not exist, do not have a reasonable premise to base their objection upon. It is acceptable to most thinking persons that things which are obvious are a very good explanation for things unknown. For example: we have a masterful universe that is uniquely designed for life to exist. Atheists will tell you that this universe is the product of chance, which is the standard default answer for anything atheists cannot explain. Those with intellectual honesty will stipulate that the reason the universe appears designed is because it is. The fact that we are all here on earth and flourishing in the environment we find ourselves, is sufficient proof that God must exist.

The idea that our universe is the product of an infinite number of universes which would logically produce many with the precise balance of constant that permit life, is preposterous. First, in order to believe this hypothesis, we have to assume that there really are an infinite number of other universes. Since there is no empirical evidence to support this idea, it is not a viable alternative to creation by an infinitely intelligent Being.

What we do see are all of the marks of creation by intelligence. A universe with a beginning that cannot be explained by naturalistic processes. This become particularly important when we learn that during the initial expansion of the matter that existed at the beginning of the universe, the energy of the universe began to move out from its initial expansion, this energy was unevenly distributed. At a point near the beginning, a short burst of energy called “inflation” caused the universe to increase in size enormously by 1025 or ten trillion—trillion times its original size.

Had all of the energy from the initial universe been evenly distributed, apart from a sudden inflation and return to normal expansion, it would have been impossible for the existing matter to form galaxies far into the future.

Because the universe began with energy evenly distributed, during the sudden increase in size—this inflation stretched away all of these irregularities, causing an even distribution of galaxies in all directions, which is observable today. Incredibly, this initial expansion—appears to have been controlled in such a precise way that it allowed for just the right amount of irregularities to permit a “clumping” of matter that would produce galaxies later on. Computer models show that the energy difference between the peaks and valleys of this density had to be close to 0.00001, or no galaxies would have been able to form. A rate slightly higher or lower, and the matter necessary to form galaxies, stars, and planets, much later—would not have been possible. This is profound evidence of controlled design.

How many explosions have ever stopped and restarted? In order for this to have taken place, a super-intelligent, thinking being, must have acted to intervene. Since there is no natural process that could stop an explosion so that matter could be distributed in such a way that galaxies could form later, then restart its expansion once again, this demands an intelligence  to make this process possible. This is empirical evidence that God must exist.

Continuing from this early event at the commencement of the universe, there have been millions of other subsequent events that also cannot be explained by a natural process. When  we examine the premise behind evolution and the origin of life on earth, we find a similar request for us to trust the scientists that life could begin on its own.

In order to accept evolution is possible alternative to creation we must believe that life can begin spontaneously in a hostile environment and successfully create every life form that exists on earth. The problem here is that no scientist has ever demonstrated how life began by a natural process. What we do see are thousands of distinct species that appear in the fossil record, fully formed and living at the same time. There are no intermediate species in earth’s fossil record that proves that all species originated from one common ancestor.

More importantly, the Genetic structure that is resident in all life is not only matter  but also comprised of an intricate and precise digital code that is only possible by intelligence. Matter cannot produce instructions for how a cell should be assembled to become an eye, a finger, a brain. Even the most simple cell of is not so simple after all. Scientists have discovered that within each cell are microscopic machines with components that must all be present at the same time in order for the cell to live. If any of the components that make these tiny machines operate in a cell were missing during an evolutionary process, the cell would die and cease to exist.The only way that a cell could contain such a complex machine with digital instructions for how it should make a particular part, is by an intelligence.

If we simply follow the scientific data, there is no possibility that the universe or human life could exist by accident.

We have become so accustomed to the wonder of life on earth that we have forgotten how impossible all we see really is. Scientists are learning that life is not so common as they once thought possible. In examining the stars that are likely to have planets within the habitable zone, not one has been found with the constants required to sustain intelligent life. Earth is truly unique and the chance that there is another planet somewhere in the universe like earth, is becoming increasingly less likely.

For this reason, when we see how the earth exists with mankind as a sentient being—unique amongst all other animals on earth, we understand that both are obviously not here by accident.The existence of earth and man are absolute and conclusive evidence for the existence of God. Those who say they are not, do not really understand the difficulties involved in making an earth like this, nor the complexity of the human mind body and conscience.

Considering all this evince that stares at us each day and shouts that God must exist, we must wonder why this is not obvious to some intelligent men and women. When we investigate the reasons why scientists insist that God does not exist, we find that it is not because of any evidence that demands this conclusion but because these persons simply cannot accept that earth and mankind could exist by the acts of a supernatural Being.

Ask these same scientists if they believe that there is a civilization somewhere in the universe that is far advanced from human beings and they will nearly always tell you, ‘absolutely.’ This advanced civilization could have beings that are billions of years ahead of mankind in their technology and may have the capacity to create synthetic life that is indistinguishable from human life. If there is certainly an advanced race of beings who have the technology to create life, then why not an ultimate Being who has always been alive? It seems that the objections for God are purely because of the religious implications and not because of the scientific capabilities of such a Being.

In the end, there is no evidence that can impeach the theory that an infinite Being of unlimited power and intelligence is responsible for earth and mankind. I have questioned hundreds of atheists and asked for any evidence that they have to disqualify God as the source of the universe. Every objection I have heard is based purely upon the denial of a religious type of supernatural being. It was clear to me in these conversations that the kind of God that these skeptics do not believe exists, is also not the kind of God that I believe exist and is described by the pages of the Bible.

God must exist and there is no proof from any source that can impeach this idea or provide a viable alternative.

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