We Are Not Going To Agree On Everything, We Should Respect Each Other’s Right To Disagree On Anything


For reasons that are not always understood, people in the United States have come to the place where they must convince other people to think as they do. From the beginning, our forefathers understood that people are not going to agree and therefore they should give each other the right to express their opinion without fear of suppression from those who disagree.

I am a Christian. In 1975 I committed my life to Jesus Christ and have followed Him for 42 years. I would like for the world to know the joy that I have found in this relationship but I am not going to try and convince people who don’t want to be convinced. I would like to have the right to express my faith in any form that the Constitution allows, but I will also give the same rights to those who think differently.

We don’t have to agree on every point in America, but it is reasonable that we should permit other people the same right to express themselves and leave it at that. The idea that we must vigorously oppose people by protests, marches on cities, disrupting public meetings and committing violence, is not a good idea.

What is wrong with allowing a person to say what they want to say and say nothing in return?

We have much more in common as Americans than we do in disagreement.. We have see this with hurricane Harvey in Texas. From all over our nation, people have come together to hep those of this community who are suffering. This is how Americans should treat each other. Perhaps this is why God permits natural disasters to cause suffering in our nation. Maybe we need to see people hurting so that our hearts will be changed and we will stop fighting and love each other.


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