Looking At God’s Law The Wrong Way


When God said “don’t eat from the fruit or you will die,” how do you personally see this statement? For many people, all of the laws that God made are viewed as negative. If God really loves us why doesn’t He let us do what we enjoy? Why does God show us things and then tell us we can’t have them?

The problem with these ideas is that people are looking at the laws of God in the wrong way. There are laws that govern the physical universe. The law of gravity determines the movement of objects. If a person decides that they don’t like the law of gravity and stands at the thirtieth floor of a building and jumps, gravity will kill them. Obey the law of gravity will save your life, violating it will kill you.

God created the universe with moral laws that can also kill. In the Book of Ezekiel, God said that “all souls are mine. The should that sins will die.” In Genesis chapter 33, God told Moses that “the soul who sins, He will blot him out of His book.”

The laws of sin and death determine that those who sin, die, eternally. The soul who obeys God, lives forever, Pretty simply laws, extreme consequences. God is perfect in every way. He created us to be like Him, so we are also supposed to be perfect. God not only expects us to be perfect, He demands it. In order to be able to inhabit heaven, our sins must be removed.

If we were to come into the presence of God with our defect of sin, His presence, the light of His Glory, would instantly consume us. We see this in the conversation that Moses had with God on Mount Sinai. Moses asked to see the face of God. He was told that he could not see the face of God and live. In Lamentations 3 we see that it is because of the Lord’s mercy that we are not consumed because his compassion does not fail.

If God would allow us to enter heaven while still sinners, we would die. For this reason, God designed a way that our sins could be removed, while preserving His justice in punishing our sins. God punished His Son instead of us. This is why we are free and no longer sinner. This sinless condition does not become ours until we believe it. God will not force us to receive what He offers, He always lets us decide and respects the choices we make. He also allows us to experience the consequences for our actions, even though He has told us ahead of time what will happen if we ignore Him or disobey what He said.

The reward for obedience is eternal; the punishment for disobedience, also eternal.

God put the choice of obeying Him or not, into our hands and allows us to make the decision. All of us have chosen to do things our own way and not obey God. The results are see all over the world in the evil, suffering, and death that plagues our world. When God saw our suffering, He did something about it and sent His Son to die for our sins. He said that any person who is sorry for their sins and believes that Jesus died for their sins; receives Him as their Savior; has eternal life as their present possession.

Again, we have a choice to make. If we believe that God is truly Good and loves us, then we will obey Him and receive Jesus. If we want to continue doing things our own way and ignore the laws of sin and death, they will kill us.

Why is it that we often see what God has said not to do as negatives. Since God has the wisdom to create this vast universe and make it work so well, it is reasonable that He also know what is best for us. The fact that God said not to do certain things is because He knows that these things will not bless our lives, they will destroy them. When God says do this and you will live, we can be certain that these principles will enhance and bring great blessing to our life.

If we will simply do what God said, we will be the beneficiary and see by our experience in doing what we should, how wise and loving God is.

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