Jesus Is King: Kanye West And The Gospel

Whenever a famous person publicly confesses that they have committed their life to Jesus, there are consequences. Those who knew this person before and those who have watched the life of this person for many years, often find it hard to accept their newfound faith.

Some who have known these celebrities for many years, seeing their sins and past life, mock and criticize the idea that a person could suddenly change their behavior and become a new person. Those who hate God, doubt the certainty that this famous person will last in their faith.

In every regard, the new life that any famous person has chosen in Christ, will not be easy. It is not easy for anyone, but especially difficult for those in constant view of the world.

At the very least we who already love Jesus should love and support any person who professes their trust in Jesus as their Savior. We should pray often for these famous people because they have a platform that could reach millions of people with the Gospel of Christ.

When Kanye was asked if He will be a Christian artist now, he replied, “I am a Christian everything now.”

The temptations. trials, and torments that Kanye will face in his new faith are unimaginable to those of us who are private citizens. We cannot imagine how hard it will be for Kanye to maintain his faith in Jesus with all the difficulties ahead. With our love and prayers, we can support and encourage him to stand firm with Jesus for the rest of his life and bear much fruit for His Gospel.

Don’t Be A Sin Sniffer

One of the often made errors of Christians is to follow other believers and point out all their sins and weaknesses. Forgetting their own shortcomings, many are quick to criticize the behavior of famous persons who profess Christ. Give these new believers a few years to learn and grow. Show the same grace to these persons that you would hope to receive from people who watch your own walk with Jesus.

When Jesus said to be careful when we judge other believers, He cautioned us in this area because when we are critical towards those who struggle with sin, people will use this same standard to judge our sins (Luke 7:1-5). If we show mercy and patience to people who are struggling with sin, are new believers coming out of an old life of sin, or are in the process of failing, people will remember our pattern of grace and patience and show us the same consideration.

Patience In Watching As They Grow

When I was the pastor of two churches for 14 years, I often heard comments from people in the church, as well as the Elders who advised and assisted me. Often when a person in the fellowship was observed in a state of sin, struggling with issues in their life, the Elders or others in the church would tell me that I should deal with the behavior of these persons. Frequently I told these friends to be more patient and give time to people. It was frequently close to a year before these people were able to overcome their sins and come back to the Lord in obedience.

If I had listened to the Elder and others, these dear struggling Christians would have been removed from the church many months before. These people who were fighting battles with sin needed time to have the Holy Spirit speak to them, hear the word of God every Sunday and respond. As long as these persons are still in church and submit themselves to the teaching of God’s word, they must be allowed to remain in the church and work through their struggles with sin.

On some occasions, the impatient members of the body of Christ, chose to leave the church. I am sure that wherever they went, they also saw other Christians with struggles in sin. Perhaps they were confronted with their own struggles and inadequacies when they left our fellowship.

On one occasion I had a dear friend tell me that when people complain while in their trials, they appear ungrateful. Not long after this, trials also came to my friend and he began to complain under the stress and difficulties of his own trials. He learned a valuable lesson; be patient with struggling Christians and do not quickly judge their behavior.

It is better to pray for believers we see in a battle with their sins. It is better to love and accept people who are feeling like failures and show them unconditional love. These responses change hearts and behavior faster than condemnation and criticism.

We who love Jesus, pray with sincere hearts for you Kanye. May Jesus so fill your heart and life with His presence and love that you are able to endure all your struggles and trials and remain with Jesus until He comes for us.

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