Atheists, Present Your Arguments Here:

In the past 45 years I have participated in nearly a thousand debates with atheists regarding hundreds of subjects concerning Jesus, the Bible, evolution, and the existence of God. Not once in those conversations has any atheist ever presented evidence to support their assertions. This extends to atheist scholars, as well as the militant atheist who knows only what he has heard from other atheists.

If you are an atheist and you have actual evidence to support an impeachment of the following six points of conjecture (or any other) often asserted by atheists, place your argument at the end of this article and we can begin a debate.

Although atheists claim the following six points are all true, not once has any atheist ever presented me with scientific or historical evidence to prove these six points are true. What I have heard and seen are many conjectures and speculations, numerous personal opinions and claims, but not one piece of evidence.

This page is provided for all atheists who assert the following frauds are true:

  1. Human beings came into existence by evolution.
  2. The universe began by a strictly natural process.
  3. The New Testament was not written by eyewitnesses.
  4. The New Testament was written late in the first century.
  5. The Bible is filled with contradictions.
  6. Jesus never claimed to be God.
What is truly amazing is that atheists don’t know these six points are not true, and they continually assert them as fact.
It is easy to assert an opinion at Twitter or Facebook. It is a completely different matter altogether to have the capacity to prove your assertion with actual facts. Do it here, if you are able:

If you are able, and if you have actual evidence, place it here, at the comments and arguments section at the bottom of this article:

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