Jesus Meets You Where You Are

Many people who need help do not consider how great Jesus’ power is to help them. Some think they are not worthy of His help because of their past sins. Some don’t believe their problem is big enough for God to help them, so they don’t ask.

When we read the text of Matthew 9:18-25, that a woman who had been suffering from constant bleeding in her body, touched Jesus’ garment and was healed. At the same time, a leader of the Jewish Synagogue also needed help with his sick daughter.

Jairus’ daughter died while Jesus was busy helping a woman who also needed healing. He was not discouraged, but persisted. We must learn to trust Jesus and His promises no matter how we feel, no matter what others say, and no matter how the circumstances may look (Matt. 9:18-25).

Different People, Different Needs, Same Jesus

Jairus and the woman could not have been more different, though both needed a miracle in their life. Though two people were opposites in their social standing, they both met at the feet of Jesus. Jairus was a leader at the synagogue, the woman was unknown and unnoticed. Jairus came begging for help for his daughter, the woman came for her own need. The girl had been healthy all of her 12 years, but died. The woman had lived a long time, but sick the last 12 years.

Both were made whole by Jesus.

The woman had a private matter that only Jesus could have known. Jairus had a matter that everyone knew.

Both decided that they would trust Jesus, He met both of their needs.

Perhaps Jairus was upset that the woman was hindering him from getting help for his daughter. This was not his real problem, for Jesus is not hindered by anything. Jairus’ real problem was himself; his doubts, his fears, thinking that someone or something could hinder Jesus. All Jairus needed was to trust Jesus and He would do the rest.

The woman took Jesus’ attention away from Jairus’ desperate need, and forced him to trust the Lord in the face of delay and obstacles. We learn here that when we pray and ask God for help, He is not hindered by our circumstances, only his own timing to stretch our faith a little, causes delays.

The faith of the woman who believed that touching Jesus’ garment could heal her, was really a sort of superstition, but this also did not hinder Jesus. Even though her understanding of how God works was lacking, Jesus worked with her imperfect faith and healed her anyway.

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