Questions Christians Ask During Times Of Trial

Why We Are Here?

Have you ever wondered why you were not taken to heaven by Jesus the minute you accepted Him into your heart? Why have you and I had to go through all of the trials and heartaches and difficulties of this life? If we already belong to the Lord, why not just take us home? The answer is that Jesus did not save us only for ourselves. He didn’t come into our lives so that we would have an easy life.

Jesus saves people so that they will go and tell others about what He has done in their lives, and many more will be saved. We participate with the Lord in saving people. Jesus chose you to be the one to lead your family and friends to Him. He called you to follow Him so that you would live a holy life—separate from sin—fully committed to Him.

How we live our lives influences everyone that is in our life. My parents rejected my attempts at leading them to Jesus in the years after my acceptance of the Lord in 1975. I just lived my life for Jesus and stayed faithful to Him for the past 45 years. After 35 of those years, both my parents told me that they wanted what I had in my life—they wanted to know Jesus and be saved.

They died just two months apart, both saved and in heaven now. Jesus saved me for this purpose, and He has saved you for a similar purpose. How you love, and the faithfulness you show towards Jesus, can save your whole family.

Today, in your life, there are people who don’t know what you know yet—how wonderful Jesus is. There might be just one or two more people on this earth that Jesus has ordained before the foundation of the world, that you are the one He chose to lead them to Him. Would you really want to go to heaven before you reached these people, and leave them here lost forever? One of these people might be a member of your family or one of your best friends.

This is one of the reasons that you are here.

Why Do Christians Suffer?

Why are you suffering through this life, if you already belong to Jesus? It is because a tried and tested believer brings more glory to Jesus than an untried or untested believer. Someone who had been through the burning fiery furnace and has come out of it, with not even the smell of smoke on them, brings more glory to the Living God than someone that has not been through the flames at all.

Nothing brings more honor to Jesus than someone who has suffered and cried and been beaten down.

Peter honored Jesus more when he walked out on to the water than he ever did by staying on the safety of the land. Even though he sunk beneath the waves, he brought great glory to Jesus, because when Peter showed how weak he was, it was then that Jesus could reach out and lift him up.

If you want to add more crowns to Jesus’ head, remain here a little longer, take a little more time to tell someone what Jesus has done for you in your life. When we are all together on that glorious day, we will see that by our grief, He has been glorified.

By our weakness and failures, Jesus showed His mighty power. Live for Jesus, endure this present time of suffering. It has an eternal purpose!

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