“Proving The Pentateuch,” Archeological And Historical Evidence That Impeaches The Documentary Hypothesis

One of the biggest scandals in Biblical scholarship of the modern era, is the idea that Moses did not exit, and the events of the Exodus never happened. The premise of these assertions are based upon a flawed argument called “The Documentary Hypothesis.” A large part of the Documentary Hypothesis (JEDP), is predicated upon several critical errors in dates, events, and incorrect interpretations of archeological excavations and texts found in Egypt. There is substantial evidence to prove that Moses is the only author of the Pentateuch, and he alone is responsible for the texts of the first five books of the Bible.

It is also possible to prove beyond a doubt, that everything written in the first five books of the Bible, is accurate and the absolute truth, proven by recent archeological discoveries of the past 50 years.

In a new book, “Proving The Pentateuch: Impeaching The Documentary Hypothesis,” Rob exposes these critical errors and proves by archeological and historical evidence, the Documentary Hypothesis is incorrect in its suppositions and conclusions.

“Proving The Pentateuch,” now available at Amazon

UPDATE: October 27, 2022. “Proving The Pentateuch,” Is Number One In The Hebrew Bible Category For New Releases!

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