A Graphic Illustration Of Modern Atheist Deceit

Every week I have conversations with many atheists. In a majority of cases the discussion is civil and productive. We may not always agree, but I find that there are great opportunities to communicate with some atheists, regarding the facts that prove the Bible.

On some occasions I see comments and actions conducted by atheists that are not only shocking, but classified as evil. These cases are depicted by actions intended by some atheists as malice, to cause harm to me and my work.

mal·ice: the intention or desire to do evil; ill will.

The following is a graphic depiction of one event that took place yesterday between myself and a man called Sam Heller, on my Facebook page.

I presented an argument regarding the eyewitness testimony recorded for us in the New Testament, and Sam Heller disagreed with my comments. His statements centered on his assertion that the New Testament narratives are not historical evidence but mere myth. Contrary to this assertion, which I have seen and heard many times, the New Testament meets every requirement for valid historical events. The testimony of the men who wrote the New Testament records 203 eyewitness statements that they saw and heard what they are writing about Jesus.

When Sam’s comments turned to scoffing and ridicule, I ended the conversation. His response was to go to Amazon, buy my book, and make a one star review without reading the 627 pages of evidence within.

Sam Heller purchased my book, didn’t read it, but then made a one star review at Amazon in an attempt to harm me and cause others to not buy the book. Then He returned my book immediately and asked Amazon for a refund. I noticed this morning that this fraudulent one star review was removed. Thankfully, Amazon does not allow this kind of conduct.

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  1. As evil goes, this isn’t really THAT evil.


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