Old Testament Bible Difficulties

Discrepancies, Inconsistencies, And Conflicts That Are Alleged In The Old Testament

Many years ago I was quite interested in the alleged discrepancies that people had reported in the Bible. I was naturally concerned considering that I had decided to place my trust in the Bible as the word of God. One by one I began to investigate these allegations to discover if their claims were true.

After 42 years of conducting my own investigation regarding conflicts, discrepancies, or inconsistencies that are alleged in the Bible, I have not found one that is credible or true. I realized very quickly that these problems arise because people have made an incorrect assumption about the verse or verses of scripture they are trying to understand. In all of my investigations, I found the following to be true of these incorrect assumptions:

  • Supposed contradictions due to a misunderstanding of the historical text of the Bible.
  • Claimed contradictions due to the text being misread.
  • Occasions where a contradiction is imagined, due to a misuse of the original Hebrew language.
  • Contradictions claimed by an adversary which are not, in fact, contradictions.
  • Asserted contradictions due to the reader not understanding the intent of the verse in which they are reading.
  • Imagined contradictions due to an error in the copying of the text.
  • Contradictions that are claimed because the reader did not have a complete awareness of the ancient history of Israel and the nations mentioned by the Bible.
  • Occasions of claimed contradictions due to a misuse of the Greek language.
  • A contradiction that was imagined because the entire context of the verse was not read and taken into consideration.
  • Supposed contradictions due to a literalist interpretation rather than the contextual interpretation that the verse demands.
  • Misunderstandings because of a false conclusion that too place due to the hostile evaluation and bias of the commentator.
  • Claimed contradictions due to confusion between one event and another.
  • Contradictions that were claimed due to the usage of an unreliable translation of the Bible.

The following links provide a few of the alleged difficulties that people find in the Old Testament. This a continuing work with constant updates. Check back here later for additional updates. If you don’t find the answer you are looking for here, please send me an inquiry from the form below and I will answer your question directly.





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