The Atheists Impossible Argument: “The Bible is a Fabrication”


According to atheists and critics, the Scriptures within the pages of the 66 books of the Bible are largely “myths,” and “fabrications.

Let us explore this assertion—logically.

So, you are saying that 66 different books written by 40 different authors, over a 1,500 year period of time, are all lying?

Every story, every writer, every point of the Bible—is to explain the promise of God to send a Messiah—a Savior, who will die for the sins of the world and make eternal life available to anyone who believes it?

You are saying that the entire Bible is a fabrication—designed to fool the world?

Is this is the claim that is made by those who make such assertions concerning the Bible?

Yes it is…

We must ask, tongue in cheek—how did these 40 authors pull this off? These must be the most brilliant men in the history of the world. A global conspiracy—involving the manipulation of governments, religions, and billions of people.

The arrival of the Messiah who would be Crucified, die, and then raised to life—three days later, was predicted by over 400 Hebrew prophecies. Are you saying that every one of these prophecies are contrivances, designed to fool a future generation of intelligent people into believing that there is a God who will hold every person accountable for the decision they make, either to accept the Messiah or reject Him?

Wow, what brilliant and insightful people atheists are!

You see, I thought that history would determine whether or not a person who predicted an event, was telling the truth. If a man describes the crucifixion of the Messiah, 1,000 years before the event takes place, as David did in the 22nd Psalm, and the event actually happens—as history records—this reality would be pretty good evidence that the Bible is trustworthy.

What atheists and critics are asking us to do—is trust them—more than history, more than the men who saw these events happen, and disregard the entire record of history concerning Jesus of Nazareth, who is alleged to have been the Messiah.

Could it be that some people who profit greatly from their attacks on the historicity of Jesus death and resurrection, have an agenda?

If the world believes the testimony of the Bible, they will no longer pay millions of dollars a year to buy the books, listen to the lectures, and support the cause of those who lead the atheists movement.

No of course not, that couldn’t possibly be the reason that 2.4% of the population of the United States spend such a great amount of time, trying to convince the 80% who believe the Bible, that it is not true….

How is it that so many are able to say so much about something they know so very little? –Robert Clifton Robinson

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