God Cannot Be Known By Wisdom Alone


There is a sorrow that we can experience as human beings, that is implacable. The emptiness that we feel in our hearts, which drives us to fill a void that is overwhelming, comes largely from our conscious and innermost sorrow for our sins.

Many of those who have yet to come into an awareness of God in their life, believe that by the pursuit of pleasure, wealth, experiences, or knowledge, a person can find satisfaction. In reality, the pursuit of these aspirations is much more satisfying than the actual acquisition of them. Once we attain some of these pursuits, we find that the objects of our affection remain unable to satisfy the longing of our heart. Some people spend their entire life chasing their dreams, only to discover after they have attained their aspirations that they are still unfulfilled and often empty.

We were created by God to know Him, worship Him, and have a deep and personal relationship with Him.

When we live our lives in the pursuit of God, our entire dynamic of life changes. We find purpose, great pleasure, deep fulfillment, and lasting peace. I have often listened to and read the comments of those who espouse their certainty that God does not exist. It is easy to sense that despite their outward claims of self-satisfaction, by their words, in their eyes, and on their faces, the emptiness of their soul is apparent. Many times it seems to me that these skeptics are trying to convince themselves as much as persuade others that God is not real and that they have no need of Him. Something deep inside tells the scoffer that God is real, yet they will not concede nor surrender.

The honest person knows that something is missing in life which can never be satisfied by anything material. We are keenly aware that we were not meant to be temporal beings with a finite period of time to live. There is a sense within us that we must go on forever. Death feels as unnatural to us as trying to breathe underwater.

The Bible describes God as creating us for eternity, and He has placed a knowledge of Himself within us.

Ecclesiastes 3:11 He has made everything beautiful in its time. Also He has put eternity in their hearts…

Romans 1:20 For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse…

The universe is self evident that God exists

When a person observes the universe, looks intently at the earth, and searches out knowledge for how these things exist within very narrow boundaries that make life possible, the reasonable conclusion is that they were designed this way. It is outrageous to assume that this vast creation came into existence by accident or by the process of evolution. The sensible person looks at the universe and concludes that there is an intelligence behind all that exists and there appears to be a purpose for the Cosmos.

Dr. Arno Penzias, Ph.D. in Astrophysics, Nobel Prize winner in Physics in 1978, and co-discoverer of the moment of creation by Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation, made a stunning discovery in 1964 with Dr. Robert Wilson. Their work led to the startling announcement that the universe had a beginning, commonly described today as “The Big Bang.” Prior to this, scientists had stated that the universe is eternal, and therefore does not require a Creator.[1]

Dr. Penzias is a Christian, a believer in the Bible as the word of God, and vigorous defender of creation as the method by which the universe exists.

Dr. Penzias had this to say regarding the existence of the universe:

“If there are a bunch of fruit trees, one can say that whoever created these fruit trees wanted some apples. In other words, by looking at the order in the world, we can infer purpose and from purpose we begin to get some knowledge of the Creator, the Planner of all this. This is, then, how I look at God. I look at God through the works of God’s hands and from those works imply intentions. From these intentions, I receive an impression of the Almighty.”[2]

The problem of faith in God for most of those who deny His existence is not a lack of evidence; it is because of an unwillingness to admit His existence. If God exists then how we live matters, what we do in our life may have consequences that will affect us after we die. A larger barrier for many astute men and women of science is the reality of what would happen to their careers or standing in the scientific community if they were to suddenly admit the obvious; the universe appears designed, which implies a designer, which means that God must exist.

The Pharisees were unwilling to admit that Jesus met the criteria for the Messiah because they feared the loss of their coveted positions in the leadership of Israel. Could we imagine what would happen if Professor Richard Dawkins suddenly announced that he believed that God existed, and He is the cause of the universe? The millions of dollars each year that flow into his bank account, the notoriety, the fame and recognition as the leader of the Atheists movement—all gone. This is a price far to high to pay for someone who has spent their entire adult life refuting the existence of God.

The world’s brightest believe in God

There are a few men and women who feel that their own personal integrity and peace of mind are more important than what people think of them, or how much money they make. In the chapter, Ph.D.’s who believe in God and creation, I list 70 world renowned Scientists, Astrophysicists, Mathematicians, Cosmologists, Chemists, Biologists, Theoretical Physicists, Microbiologists, Neurosurgeons, Nuclear Physicists, Particle Physicists, Astronomers, Climatologists, Mathematical Physicists, Quantum Mechanics, Botanists, Computer Scientists, Chemical Physicists, Geologists, Solar Magnetohydrodynamics, Paleontologists, Evolutionary Biologists, Stellar Astrophysicists, Computer Programmers, Cognitive Scientists, Philosophers, an Astronaut, and Quantum Theorists, who believe in God as the source of the universe.

Many of these men and women have earned the Nobel Prize, as well as several other noted awards for their work in the sciences. These are the top men and women in their fields. All of these scientists have earned Ph.D’s in their areas of expertise, some with multiple Ph.D.’s. A majority did not begin their careers as a believer in God, nor in creation. It was in the process of examining the evidence that exists in the universe, over a long and distinguished career, that these scientists came to the stunning realization that God is the only credible answer for the existence of the universe and life itself.

God is hidden from the wise

An often unnoticed phenomenon that exists in human life is the fact that God cannot be known by intelligence alone. He has hidden himself from the wise and the analytical—by design. This comes as a great shock to many as it would be assumed that God would want to make Himself known. The truth is, there is no place in the Bible where God seeks to prove His existence. He knows, that all of us know, that He exists. He has made Himself known to us by the things that He has created, so that we are without excuse.

Romans 1:20 For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse…

God has revealed Himself in three ways: By the things He has made, by His word—the Bible, and by His Son—Jesus Christ.

Scientists cannot discover God by studying the Cosmos alone. All that can be achieved by diligent study of the sciences is an awareness that everything in the universe displays evidence of design. In order to know the designer, one must study His word and specifically, the prophecies of the Bible which reveal His Son—the Messiah, Jesus Christ. By the time that you finish this book, having examined the larger part of the Prophetic portion of God’s word which reveals who the Messiah is and what His purpose was in coming to earth, you will have an excellent working knowledge of who God is.

God reveals Himself only to the humble, the teachable, and the diligent. He does not make Himself known to those who do not have a desire to know Him. This is why the person who sets themselves up to not believe that God exists cannot understand Him, no matter how great the evidence is that is presented to him.

The excuses that are given for why a person cannot believe that God exists are almost identical, universally—all over the earth.

I have reached a place in my own personal life where I no longer pay any attention to the vast amount of excuses that people give for their inability to believe in a Creator. They are so academic and naive that it hardly seems worth the effort to try and convince them otherwise. The honest seeker of wisdom and truth in this life will be looking for a reason to believe instead of excuses to not believe. The facts of the universe all point to God and give us clear and undeniable evidence that could convince any skeptic. When a person is ready to seek truth, he will look for answers from credible sources. In this pursuit, when knowledge is acquired and truth is discovered, there will be no need for convincing. God has made it possible to know Him by the things that He has created.

His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made…

In the end, it is not really the evidence that convinces most people of God’s existence; it is the character and nature of Jesus which disarms our will and opens our heart. When we are confronted with the certainty of who Jesus of Nazareth is, what He has said and what He has done, we are compelled to make a decision. It is Jesus the person which causes us to fall backwards in amazement. There has never been another man in the history of the world like Jesus. The wisdom that He displayed in His words, the singularity of His actions, and the incomprehensible love and grace which He showed to every person He met, sets Him apart from all other men.

Because of what Jesus said and did, His identity is most often polarizing.

People either love Jesus or hate Him. We, however, cannot make a valid excuse that there is insufficient evidence for who He is. These 365 Prophecies are some of the greatest evidence that God has entrusted to us for the identity of Jesus Christ and the authenticity of the Bible as the word of God. It is really impossible to study these 365 prophecies in sincerity and not come to a reasonable conclusion that Jesus is the one who is being described by these predictions.

If these prophecies were not from the mind and heart of the eternal God, then how is it that they, being written hundreds and often thousands of years in advance, could speak so precisely of the exact events which transpired in the life of the man called Jesus of Nazareth? The evidence is clear that all of these 365 Prophecies were penned long before their fulfillment. Each one realized in perfection by Jesus, without a single error.

This man who is so rigorously recorded in the pages of history as one unique and extraordinary in His words and deeds is in fact the Messiah, the Savior of the world. As Isaiah predicted in this 241st Prophecy, He came to bear all of our sorrows by taking all our sins upon Himself and put them away forever.

We find the purpose for our life and a wonderful new hope for our eternal existence, when we come to Him humbly and surrender our life to Him. This is the purpose for which these prophecies were written, and it is my great honor to share them with you.

[1] Penzias, A.A.; Wilson, R.W. (1965). “A Measurement of Excess Antenna Temperature at 4080 Mc/s”. Astrophysical Journal 142: 419–421. Bibcode:1965ApJ…142..419P. doi:10.1086/148307
[2] Penzias, as cited in ‘The God I Believe in’, Joshua O. Haberman – editor, New York, Maxwell Macmillan International, 1994, 184

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