The New Testament is Written by Jews, About Jews, For Jews

I recently viewed a wonderful video from One For Israel, in which the speaker detailed his journey to find the true Messiah. He began with the assumption that the Christian New Testament was a book about how Gentiles persecute Jews. What he found was that the New Testament was written by Jews, to Jews, about a Jew and the primary subject of these documents, is the testimony that Jesus is the Messiah.

The speaker describes a problem that exists in Jewish culture that falsely portrays the narrative of Jesus in the Christian Bible as a Gentile attempt at passing off a false Messiah to the Jews of the world. In fact, what he discovered was that the more he read the words of Jesus himself and observed how He had fulfilled all the prophecies of the Messiah, the more he became convinced that Jesus was the One whom God had promised.

I was very excited about this video because of my many years researching and writing my new book: “The Prophecies of the Messiah.” During the writing and editing process, I became particularly aware of the facts of these prophecies which should intellectually convince any skeptic that they should seriously consider Jesus as a prime candidate for Messiah.

It is my sincere hope that in these final days before the Messiah returns to earth, that this book might be instrumental in conveying important information about the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, to those who are of Jewish descent. God has a particularly tender place in His heart for the Jewish people. I have grown to love the people of Israel, over the course of my 40 years writing and teaching the entire Bible to those who want to learn about God and His eternal message to mankind. I have found my Jewish friends to be quite zealous and fervent in their religion and have discovered that when intellectual arguments are presented to those who have a mind that is ready to consider truth, Jesus can easily be understood and received. Once the true facts are presented, any reasonable person will begin to see that there could be no other candidate for Messiah, other than Jesus of Nazareth.

If you enjoyed this video, perhaps you could visit and make a donation to help them continue to produce videos like this, to bring the world into a knowledge of Jesus Christ as the Messiah.

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