Something of Profound Importance is About to Happen…

I have been working with some data the past few days that looks to be a part of an event somewhere in the world, of profound importance. I am not certain at yet what the event will be. It appears to concern the United State or Israel, or perhaps both.

Certain events that have taken place in the world this year have given an indication that the Lord is about to do something that will be the greatest supernatural event of our lifetime. The certainty of this happening before the end of September is 100 percent. Please pray for me as I try to assemble all the data and publish an article tomorrow.

See the Article: “When America Abandons God: The Signs And The Consequences

Update: July 1, 2015.

Could it be that the fourth blood moon on September this year, will mean the arrival of the Seven Year Tribulation?

See the article: “When America Abandon’s God: The Signs and the Consequences“, for updates at the bottom of the article.

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