Gay Marriage is the Law of the Land; So Also is the Right of Free Speech


As the Supreme Court of the United States has made gay marriage the law of the land in the United States, there will certainly be many who fight against the Christian stance in opposition to gay marriage.

Those who now have the right to marry, under law, should remember that the Constitution also gives Christians and others, the right to speak out freely, against gay marriage. 

In the premise of the Supreme Court in permitting all 50 states to officially sanction gay marriage, they have also established and reinforced the right of inclusiveness for those who believe in God and the Bible. If we are truly a land of tolerate people, we must also tolerate those who disagree with us.

On this WordPress site, immediately after the announcement of the Supreme Court’s decision to allow gay marriage, a rainbow banner appeared at the top of my post edits page. This is an endorsement by this company of the LGBT right to marry. WordPress also states in their terms for use:

“ strongly believes in freedom of speech. We have a vast audience spread across many cultures, countries and backgrounds with varying values and our service is designed to let users freely express any ideas and opinions without us censoring or endorsing them.”

It is important that Americans retain the rights of the first amendment, to express their opposition to gay marriage, based upon their belief that the Bible is right and the ruling of the Supreme Court is wrong.

This writer will continue to oppose any actions by the United States Government, which is in conflict with the word of God. We were founded as “One Nation Under God,” with a desire to maintain liberty and justice in this land, specifically for the purpose of enjoying religious freedom. Those who were a part of the founding of America, stated that they perceived that the events which led to this vast land—becoming a sovereign nation, was due to a supernatural moving of God to make it all possible.

It is my concern, as well as many others, that our movement away from following the moral standards of the Bible, will cause the eventual destruction of our nation. We already see the signs of this taking place. We are in such great financial debt that we cannot sustain the printing of currency to continue our greed, any longer. We have used Abortion as a means of birth control, and allowed the perversion of marriage to include those whom God never intended as recipients of marriage. We now call evil good and good evil, and have forsaken the God who birthed us into a great nation.

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