Why I Do Not Post Comments on ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, or MSNBC News Sites


You Can't Say That

In the United States, the right of free speech is protected by the first amendment to the Constitution. This is, of course, unless you are a Christian. Try to post a Christian perspective on ABC News, CBS News, CNN, NBC, MSNBC, and other news agencies and see what happens.

Over the past several years, I have attempted to post a Biblical/Christian perspective on the online news organizations and every one was deleted, except Fox News. I made my comments in a respectful, intellectual, and informative manner. I did not disparage any other religion, person, or company. I simply answered the way that someone who believes in God would answer. I was told that my comments did not meet the requirements set by the particular news company. The reason: It was a comment by an Evangelical Christian.

I have several web sites and I often receive very disturbing and controversial replies to the articles that I post. I never delete any comment. I give my readers the freedom to express themselves in any way that they want, without censure or deletion. It is my opinion that allowing everyone to say what they want to say, gives us a wider view of the mindset of a greater number of people.

Disparaging comments do not harm me, nor do they harm the Lord. God does not have to worry about the terrible things that people say about Him. They do not affect Him in the slightest. In fact, He says that he wears the hatred of people who disdain Him, like a “garment,” that He will use against His enemies in their future judgment (Psalm 78:10).

The purpose of the first amendment is to protect the citizens of America from censure when they express their opinions. One might argue that this is applicable to the government only, but this position has not been supported by the U.S. Supreme Court. Private companies often state that they are not bound by the first amendment when it comes to their policies regarding speech. What their policies do illustrate to the public is that they are only interested in receiving comments which they happen to agree with. If you are of a particular race, religion, gender, or economic status and one of these news agencies does not like your comments, they simply delete them and use their “terms of use,” policy to justify their actions.

We live during a time in human existence when people are extremely sensitive about everything that people say. If you hurt the feelings of someone by your exercise of free speech then you are chastened and often banned from any further discussion. If you happen to be an Evangelical Christian and you seek to express your opinion, using any Christian term like “Jesus, Salvation, Repent, Sin, or Judgement,” you will likely find your comments deleted. Never quote a Bible verse, this is grounds for immediate deletion.

On one such occasion that I personally experienced, a person used their comments to mock God and those who believe in Him. When I wrote in defense of God and His world, I was told that I could not prosthelytize on that particular forum, and for this reason, my comments were deleted. A person can preach their humanistic religion, or atheism, but not a Christian. A Muslim can write in opposition to Christian or Jewish comments, but that Christian or Jew may not answer their remarks with Christian, Jewish, or Biblical comments.

Perhaps you have had some experience with this difficulty in exercising your own free speech, in regards to your own particular comments as a Christian. I have written about the occurrences of this subject on this web site, when my comments were deleted by well known news agencies. It would be interesting to hear your perspective and experiences, even if you are not a Christian, or you do you agree with my premise in this article.

We wonder if human society will ever return to a place where people can speak what is on their mind or in their heart and be allowed the dignity of expression. I personally do not agree that “hate speech,” should be banned from comments. Just exactly what is classified as “hate speech,” is defined by the person who oversees that particular web site. If a Christian speaks against sin, or warns someone about the coming judgement of God for all those who reject Jesus Christ, this is viewed as hate speech. Apparently, preaching the gospel to every creature is now considered hateful. Sorry Jesus, we can no longer tell people that you died for the sins of the world, this offends people. Oh, I forgot, it offended them 2,000 years ago also. I guess things haven’t really changed that much.

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