The Danger of Using the Term: “Extremism,” Without Context


Today, the term, “Extremism,” has come to mean individuals who are extreme in their religious beliefs—causing them to take extreme action against others. The recent attacks in London at the London Bridge are repeatedly referred to as the actions of “Extremists.”

The problem with using this term, without the context of “Islamic Extremist,” is that people will also use this term to define other groups who are also extreme in their belief system, but non violent.

I am a Christian Extremist, in that I am extremely in love with Jesus. My extreme belief compels me to love people and try to help them, not murder people because they believe something different than I do. Historic Christianity changes the heart of people to such extreme measure that those who were once filled with hate and violence, become peaceful and loving individuals.

The only examples of Extreme Christian belief that has been translated into violent actions occurred during the Crusades when the Catholic Church leadership enlisted their members to take up arms agains Muslims and kill them. Cult organizations such as the KKK, claim to be lovers of God and Christ, while hating certain groups of persons and seeking to commit violence against them. There are often groups who claim to be Christians while they bomb, hurt, kill and destroy in various parts of the world. These persons are liars and have nothing to do with Christ or the true followers of Jesus. Any violence, hatred of certain races, or efforts to terrorize or intimidate any person, is not the actions of those who genuinely know and love Jesus Christ.

These actions committed by radicalized groups that claim to be Christian have caused many to conclude that all Christians will act in the same manner. In the religion of Islam, the majority of these people are non violent, peaceful people. Both Muslims and Christians have been misrepresented by pretenders who hijack their religion for selfish and evil purposes.

See The Article: “Comparing Christianity to Islam: Gospel of Peace vs. Mandate of Terror”

The closer that a person gets to Jesus, the more peaceful and loving they become. It is contrary to everything that Jesus taught to seek violence against anyone, at any time.

Christianity, which is made up of those who believe upon Jesus Christ for their Salvation, demands that its followers must live in the way that Jesus lived His life, in peace and love. If a person takes the name of Christ, while hating or seeking violence, in any form,  they are not a true follower of Jesus.

For these reasons, any Christian should be very concerned when they see reports on TV and on the Internet where the term “Extremist” is used. You may not realize it but many groups believe that people who are intensely in love with Jesus and the word of God, are also labeled as Extremists. Even though their attempts to persuade people to turn from their sins and be saved is based upon genuine love and concern, often fundamentalist or extreme Christians are also labeled as Religious Extremists.

In order to refer to a person or group as an Extremist, we must demand that a definition is included in their statements. We should ask: What kind of religious extremist are you speaking of? If these individuals include radical Christians into this same Extremists category, we must protest and demand the truth be told that no genuine follower of Jesus should ever resort to violence. This includes those who bomb abortion clinics, burn Jewish synagogues, or express racism towards any  particular group, all in the name of God or the Bible. The persons and organizations who do these things under the cover of Christian, are hijacking the name of Christ for their own evil schemes. They do not represent true Christianity, nor the Lord Jesus Christ.

The marks of a genuine, Biblical Christian, are Love, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, long-suffering, and forgiveness. At no time did Jesus ever call any of His followers to take up arms in His name or command His church to hurt or kill people. Jesus never used any force on anyone, His followers should never use force upon anyone. This does not mean that we will not be extremely vocal and persistent in seeking to persuade people to turn from their sin, to Jesus Christ and be saved. Jesus commanded us to do these things, while remembering love, humility, and lack of force as primary emblems of our message.

British Prime Minister, Theresa May, on Sunday, called for increased regulations against extremist groups. Without defining the focus of these regulations as Extremist Islamic Terrorist Groups, there is no doubt that Christians will also be targeted and their First Amendment right of Free Speech and the free exercise of their religious beliefs, impinged.

Freedom of religion has no meaning if Christians cannot live out their beliefs in being vocal and seeking to persuade others to consider and accept Jesus offer of salvation.


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