Daily Devotional: November 4

Listen More, Talk Less:

If you want to be thought a wise person and good friend to many, learn to be a good listener. Most people can’t wait to speak, and they seldom hear what is really coming from a person’s heart. Be ready always to hear the hurts and concerns of other people, and offer them a sincere hug and gentle response. You will develop a reputation that kings and presidents will invite into their presence. You will be loved and appreciated by thousands.

When someone of age is speaking, listen for the fountains of wisdom that are stored up in their experiences and former days of trouble. The wise listen and learn. They keep the good and useful, and save a storehouse of knowledge for the future.

The truly wise do not debate and enable hard feelings, but recognize that consideration, kindness, thoughtful listening, and understanding make one greater than his adversaries.

Listen as Wisdom calls out! Hear as understanding raises her voice!…“I call to you, to all of you! I raise my voice to all people. …Listen to me! For I have important things to tell you. Everything I say is right.” ~Proverbs 8:1-6 (NLT)

Anyone with ears to hear should listen and understand. Then Jesus said, “Pay close attention to what you hear. The closer you listen, the more understanding you will be given—and you will receive even more. To those who listen to my teaching, more understanding will be given.” ~Mark 4:23-25 (RCR)

Remind me, Lord, to really listen to people when they are talking, and not to occupy my thoughts with what I want to say when they cease speaking. Give me a heart of love that cares for my neighbors and not just those who are already close to me.

Help me to make a friend of all those I meet, by kind words, attentive listening, and letting them feel my sincere concern for their life.

This is how You listened and loved people, Jesus, and it is the desire of my heart that I might become more like You.

There is nothing more valuable than a person who listens well and cares for us when we are in need of a friend. I want to be a willing listener to all those I meet, and shower them with the love and care You have shown me.

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