May 14, 2018, The 70th Year Of Israel’s Return: A Date Of Extreme Prophetic Significance

Dates are extremely important to God. He moves and works according to a precise timeline in the history of man. If we examine the events which were significant in the Bible, we see that certain days, months, and years were specifically chosen by God to accomplish His prophetic word.

Although it is always a mistake to pick a date for the return of Jesus, it is not an error to pay attention to past dates and current events and see that God has worked in history to accomplish His prophetic word, and see these events in context with our current days.

On May 14, 2018, Israel will celebrate the 70th year of their return to the land. On May 14, 1948, in fulfillment of Isaiah’s prophecy, the nation was born again on one day:

Before she was in labor, she gave birth; Before her pain came, She delivered a male child. Who has heard such a thing? Who has seen such things? Shall the earth be made to give birth in one day? Or shall a nation be born at once?  ~Isaiah 66:7-8

The number 70 is apparently very important to the nation of Israel. God told Jeremiah that the nation would be taken by Nebuchadnezzar and held captive for 70 years (Jeremiah 25:8-13). At the end of 70 years, the Jews would return to their land again. It was Daniel, who in chapter 9, was reading the prophecies of Jeremiah 25 when he realized that the 70 years God ordered for the nation were nearly complete. In response, Daniel began to pray in repentance for the nation and his people. God sent Gabriel to Daniel as he prayed and revealed to the prophet the most important prophecies that are in the Bible, which concern the arrival of the Messiah. See the article: The Key to all Bible Prophecy: Daniel Chapter 9

Jesus arrived at Jerusalem and road into the city on the foal of a donkey, in fulfillment of Zechariah 9:9, on the precise day that Gabriel had told Daniel that Messiah would arrive.

After Jesus was rejected by the leaders of Israel, He pronounced a judgement upon the Jews for their refusal to receive Him as their promised Messiah. In the form of a prophecy, Jesus told the leader that “their house would be left to them desolate.” He said that concerning the temple, “not one stone will be left upon another.”

Just 38 years later, Titus took Jerusalem just a few days before Passover in 70 A.D. When we examine the calendar, we see that this was 1,948 years from the date Titus began his seige of Jerusalem, until the 70th anniversary of Israel in 2018, born again as a nation, on May 14, 1948.

There is no doubt that the number 1948, being the number of years from the desolation of Israel and removal of the Jews from their land, until the 70th anniversary of their return to the land, is not a coincidence.

Many have surmised that President Donald Trump is a type of “Cyrus,” who like the original Cyrus, was used by God to initiate the return of the Jews to their land, after the 70 years of Jeremiah’s prophecy when their captivity was complete.

We see in Isaiah 45 that just as God anointed certain men as priests and kings for service to Him, so also was Cyrus anointed by God for special service for the sake of Israel. God called this king of Persia to perform His will and make it possible for the Jews to return to their land and rebuild their temple.

In this sense, Cyrus, as God calls him, “His anointed,” was a type of messiah for the nation of Israel and their anointed one.” More than 150 years before Cyrus was born God called Cyrus by name. Daniel took the prophecy God spoke through Isaiah in chapter 45 and showed it to Cyrus when the king took Jerusalem. Cyrus was so impressed with the knowledge God had of him even before he was born that he did exactly as God had said.

Cyrus became the human instrument for his conquests, but it was the Lord Himself who gave him his victories. Cyrus understood this and he gave honor to the God of Israel. We see similarities in Donald Trump as he has given favor to Israel and stood as an advocate for the Jews since his presidency began. Even the Jews themselves have written that they see Trump as a type of Cyrus”

“Christians and Jews Now Compare Trump to Persian King Cyrus – Will He Build the Third Temple?”

“For his willingness to confront conventional diplomatic wisdom, shrug off dire warnings of triggering Middle East unrest and declare Jerusalem Israel’s capital, Trump is increasingly being compared by evangelicals – and Jews on the religious right – to Persia’s King Cyrus II, also known as Cyrus the Great. “Trump in his generation, as Cyrus in his”, tweeted Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked. The bolder have gone so far as to suggest that Trump doesn’t just merely resemble the Persian king, he’s Cyrus reincarnated.”

Anyone who opposed Cyrus at that time was opposing the God of heaven. Anyone who argued against Cyrus was arguing against God. No one was able to stop Cyrus and God accomplished His prophetic word through this king. We observe similarities with Trump in that regardless who attacks him or seeks to stop him, it is his adversaries who find themselves stopped and often in serious trouble.

In response to God calling Cyrus, Israel did return to their land and they did rebuild the second temple that was standing when Jesus entered Jerusalem on the day that Daniel predicted.

February 23, 2018, The Times of Israel made the following announcement: “US Embassy in Jerusalem to open in May — in time for Israel’s 70th anniversary
Trump administration officials say Congress being briefed on plans; ribbon cutting could take place on May 14 — day of independence declaration.

No American President has ever taken this decisive step to recognize the sovereign right of the Jews to have Jerusalem fully recognized as the Capital of Israel by the United States of America.

Just as Cyrus comes at the end of Israel’s 70 years of captivity to help the nation return to their land and rebuild the Temple, Trump comes as the second Cyrus at the end of Israel’s anniversary of 70 years in celebration of their return to their land, to ensure their protection and the soon rebuilding the the third Temple at the beginning of the seven year Tribulation period.

What does this mean to Christians today? That we are at the place where the seven year Tribulation may soon begin. What happens at the beginning of the seven years? The Rapture of the church! We don’t know the day or the hour, but we see that God is moving today in these last days just as He did during the time of the first Cyrus when God used him to order the rebuilding of the second Temple and protect the Jews who were returning to their own land again.

For the Jews and the nation of Israel, this means the time of God’s moving in their midst to open their eyes to the true Messiah and His gathering together of all those who will receive Messiah during the final seven years.

For the world, this is the time when God promised to bring this age to a conclusion and return Jesus to the world a second time. At the conclusion of the seven Year Tribulation, Jesus will return to earth to set up His kingdom for 1,000 years.

The preceding Tribulation Period will be a time of untold judgement for those who refuse Christ as their Savior. For the world who will worship the coming beast foretold by 2 Thessalonians, and the Book of Revelation, a time of untold horrors as the twenty-one judgments described by Revelation 6:3, through chapter 18, take place. During this period of man’s history, nearly two-thirds of the people who are left on the earth after the Rapture takes place, will die during these twenty-one judgements.

The time to receive Jesus as your Savior and make Him Lord of your Life is now. We may not have much time remaining before these things are upon us. Jesus said that the world will be caught totally unaware when He comes for His church and suddenly millions disappear. This will begin a time of Tribulation the likes of which the world has never experienced before. Jesus said that unless those days were shortened to just three and one half years, no flesh would survive.



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