Principle Differences Between Jesus And All Other Gods And Religions

Examination Of The Facts:

In conversations with atheists, it is often asserted that there is little or no difference between Jesus and all the other gods and religions of the world. This error is made primarily because atheists and non-believers don’t know these differences. This article is written for the purpose of providing a short synopsis of these primary distinctions.

How Jesus Compares To Other Gods And Religions:

  1. Jesus is sinless. All other gods and religious leaders are not sinless.
  2. Jesus is Eternal. All other gods and religious leaders had a point of beginning.
  3. Jesus is the Creator of all that exists. All other gods and religions create from within what already exists.
  4. Jesus knows all things. The gods and religion of the world, have limited knowledge.
  5. Jesus is perfect in every way. The gods and religion of the world are not perfect.
  6. Jesus died for the people of earth in order to save all those who would believe. The gods and religions of the world do not have a savior who was willing to die to save human beings.
  7. Jesus offers salvation to any person, regardless of who they are or what they have done—without cost. The gods and religions of the world who offer salvation, require the good works of those who will be saved, in order to be qualified for salvation.
  8. Jesus offers the world a salvation that originates from HIs Gospel of love and peace. Other gods and religions teach violence, opposition, hatred, and resistance.
  9. Jesus will save any sinner, regardless of how severe their sins are. The gods and religions of the world have limits on their salvation.
  10. Jesus places very few requirements upon those who follow HIm. The gods and religions of the world demand many difficult and often impossible requirements of their followers.
  11. Jesus taught forgiveness for enemies. Many of the gods and religions of the world teach vengeance and retribution for enemies, some even death.
  12. Jesus promises eternal life for all who trust in Him. A majority of other gods and religions do not promise eternal life, or described other lives that are based upon the good works of the member.
  13. Jesus taught that all people are equal before God and that He has no favorites. The gods and religions of the world differentiate between race, sex, and nation origin.
  14. Jesus came to earth as God living in the body of a man, to show us that God does exist, He loves us, and He cares about our lives. Most other religious leaders are mortal men or women, not the eternal God, not capable of transcendence.
  15. Jesus describes the evil and suffering that exits in the world as caused by the sin of man. The gods and religions of the world do not address sin as the primary cause of evil and suffering, but offer several alternatives that are primarily based upon correcting behavior.
  16. Jesus describes the true state of the world; lost in sin and hopeless. The gods and religions of the world described sin as either non-existent, or irrelevant.
  17. Jesus came to earth in fulfillment of over 400 Old Testament prophecies that predicted every part of His life, death, and resurrection. No other god or religion has the support of prophecy to support their arrival.
  18. Jesus performed every conceivable miracle to validate His identity as God. The gods and religions of the world, either do not have the power of miracles, or do not have credible authority that they actually could perform miracles.
  19. Jesus alone rose from the dead, never to die again. There are a limited number of persons who are said to have risen from the dead from other religions, but these individuals all died again, later.
  20. The life, death, and resurrection of Jesus is supported by 27 New Testament books, and 24,593 surviving manuscripts that have remained unchanged in every basic doctrine for over 2,000 years. The gods and religions of the world, most of whom, only began to exit in the past 200 years, have no credible written narrative that are proven reliable.
  21. The crucifixion of Jesus was predicted by several Old Testament prophecies, some written 1,450 years before Jesus arrived. There are no ancient texts that predict a death and resurrection of a redeemer in any of the other gods and religions of the world.
  22. The resurrection of Jesus is supported by eyewitness testimony from Peter, John, James, several women, and 11 of the original Apostles of Jesus. Over 500 eyewitnesses are described as seeing Jesus alive, all at the same time, and were still alive when the testimony of their witness of Jesus’ resurrection could still have been disputed, but never was disputed. No other god or religion has ever had a leader who died, rose again, and never died again, and was seen by so many eyewitnesses.
  23. The record of Jesus’ death and resurrection was written closer to the time of the events than any other event of history, secular or religious. The four Gospels that record the life death and resurrection of Jesus were written before 70 A.D. If the four Gospels had been written after 70 A.D., they would have mentioned the important and critical event of Jerusalem’s siege and the destruction of the temple. The fact that there is no mention of Jerusalem’s siege or the destruction of the temple anywhere in the New Testament, is empirical evidence that these texts were written before 70 A.D.
  24. The New Testament exists today as the largest single record of the true events of  Jesus life, death, and resurrection—superior to any other god or religion of the world. There are 24,593 surviving manuscripts which describe Jesus life, death, and resurrection. Every other religious texts that have survived time and decay, were written many hundreds or even thousands of years after the events took place, and have only hundreds of surviving copies, compared to nearly 25,000 New Testament Manuscript.

At a later date, I will add a detailed description in support of all the points made above. There are hundreds of articles on this web site that prove and support the points made in this synopsis.

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