The Uncanny Similarites Between The Attempted Impeachment Of President Trump, And the Attempted Impeachment Of The New Testament

For many Americans we have gained an education in Civics regarding the current attempted impeachment of our President. Whether or not you support the President or agree he should be impeached, one thing is certain, the process we have witnesses is a disgrace.

The bottom line in this inquiry has only recently been uncovered in the past two days. Up to this point the side that seeks impeachment has made many claims regarding the conduct of our president. The claims asserted have been serious and have captured our attention. If what the Democrats claim President Trump has done, were true, he certainly must be impeached.

The problem is, not one of the crimes asserted by those who seek the impeachment of the president has proven these charges by evidence.

People who are of a certain disposition to believe these things because they don’t like President Trump, are willing to accept the conclusions of the impeachment party, because it meets their bias against the president.

The book of Proverbs describes how one side always sound like they are right, until the other side has a chance to impeach them.

The first one to plead his cause seems right, until his neighbor comes and examines him. ~Proverbs 18:17 (NKJV)

This is precisely what has taken place. As the side for impeachment has made their claims, they sound right. As the other side has examined the assertions for impeachment, we have all learned that there is not a single impeachable offense.

Claims are being placed before us as though they had a factual basis and can be proven, but no evidence has been presented to prove these claims. Those who have watched the entire process have learned that sometimes people make claims for which they cannot prove. They believe that by repeating these claims over and over again, many people will believe they must be true.

We now learn that despite all the assertions that there is undeniable and uncontested evidence that Donald Trump committed crimes worthy of his impeachment, the final documents of impeachment contain not a single crime.

In other words, despite the months of vocal discourse stating there is overwhelming evidence that Donald Trump is guilty of crimes which demand his removal from office, there is no evidence to prove a single violation of any law.

If there was such a violation of any law, these crimes would be included in the articles of Impeachment.

Either the Senate will declare the impeachment of President Trump a mistrial because there has been no evidence to prove crimes necessary for impeachment, or a trial will demonstrate the lack of evidence that is necessary to prove the president should be impeached and he will be acquitted.

The New Testament Has Experienced A Similar Travesty

Americans who have watched the events concerning President Trump on the news have heard the opinions of distinguished Congressmen and women, Senators, Attorneys, and PhD’s who are authorities in Constitutional Law. Because of their credentials, a majority of people think that these men and women must know what they are talking about. The problem is, and the facts have shown us, education, position, popularity, and oratorical prowess, do not overcome bias.

A person may claim authority to make conclusions by their advanced education or position, while not being able to prove their conclusions by evidence.

Bias And Conclusions

The Constitution is not biased but many people who quote the Constitution and assert Constitutional law, are biased. New Testament Scholarship is not biased, but many New Testament Scholars are biased in their conclusions. 

Every human being is capable of cognitive prejudice. People tend to choose their preferred conclusions and then justify their choices by fallacious reasoning.

For the past two years I have witnessed a voracious attack by militant atheists against the reliability of the New Testament. I have heard and read the comments of hundreds of atheists who state that the writers of the New Testament Gospels were not eyewitnesses and the texts we have in our New Testament today, was not written until late in the first century by non-eyewitnesses.

Like the assertions of individuals who have launched attacks against President Trump without presenting evidence of a crime; the critics of the New Testament who state that the text contained therein is unreliable, being written by non-eyewitnesses late in the first century, also provide no evidence to prove their assertions.

Those who say the New Testament is not reliable, quote the comments of scholars who write books and articles that describe the New Testament as unreliable. The problem is, these so called experts do not include evidence in their publications to prove the New Testament is not reliable, they provide only their opinions.

In response to the deluge of false claims against the New Testament Narratives, I have written a new Book, titled: “You Are My Witnesses: The Men Who Saw Jesus.” This publication is filled with evidence to prove the New Testament is accurate and reliable.

If you are a person who needs more than the opinions of people, even if they are a renowned scholar, you will find this book compelling evidence that what modern atheist scholars write and describe about the New Testament, is not true.

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  1. Aging in Spirit I see that I have little time and less interest in the opinions of people. Truth, the will of Him who sent me, is my food.


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