Hate Speech Directed At Christians

Repeatedly, Christians are the target of LGBTQ groups who write and say that our literal view of scripture makes us “homophobes, and purveyors of hate speech.”

There is good reason that the first Amendment is first. It is the most fundamental right of Americans to exercise the free exercise of their religion and speak their conscience when practicing their faith. Sorry but the rights of LGBTQ persons do not override the rights afforded Christians by the first amendment.

In a recent article entitled, “A White House official took a free trip to an anti-LGBTQ “hate summit,” By Justin Rohrlich, December 26, 2019, we see vividly how this view of Christians is spread by the news media.

In the article named above, Justin Rohrlich labels Christians who believe the Bible is true as “an anti-LGBTQ hate group, and right-wing Christian activists.”

If you believe that God is the author of the Bible and what He says is the truth, today, you are defined by many militant groups as a “hate group.” In other words, anything that a Christian believes which is contrary to what any other group thinks is wrong, automatically defines a Christian as one who hates.

Justin Rohrlich writes:

“The Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), was founded in 1994 by right-wing Christian activists with an aim to “defend religious freedom before it [is] too late.” Its president is Alan Sears, a former federal prosecutor, who has warned that the “homosexual agenda” is “a form of totalitarianism” that will destroy society.

Over the past 25 years, the ADF says, the group has “played various roles in 52 victories at the US Supreme Court and hundreds more in the lower courts,” winning nearly 80% of its cases. The group was behind the spread of so-called bathroom bills in 2017, crafting model legislation that sought to restrict public restroom access to transgender Americans.”

Notice the language of this writer that people who live out their faith by taking a stand that scripture is true and what God has said is unchanging, are “activists” who hate groups who are seen as contrary to scripture.

In truth, no Biblical Christian hates anyone. We do hate sin and what it does to the lives of human beings who are destroyed by the effects of its practice. I published a book a few years ago called “Sodom and Gomorrah: The Gay Marriage and Same-Sex Controversy” In this book I document the results of the LGBTQ lifestyle by the lives of those who live in this manner. 

The Founders Of America And Same-Sex Relationships

The founders of our nation and the authors of our Constitution, recognized the threat of Same-sex relationships for American society. When these men constructed the laws of America, the foundation that was used for the Constitution came from Blackstone’s commentary on the Law. In Blackstone’s commentary, he details the acts of homosexuality as a “crime that is malignant, detestable, and against nature…”[10]

During the institution of laws for the state of Virginia, in 1610, the 9th law of the New Colony of America, stated:

No man shall commit the horrible and detestable sins of sodomy

The Founding Fathers would find it unbelievable that our government, today, has granted the same rights of marriage and family to Same-sex couples, that are guaranteed to heterosexual couples. These men understood that to accept homosexuality as a socially viable alternative and right of the people, would undermine and erode the entire moral foundation of our nation. The methods by which homosexual activists have pressured lawmakers and government leaders; using the guise of equal rights as the basis for their arguments, has astonished those who have watched this take place.

Beginning with the politically incorrect agenda that makes it impossible to stand against anything the a person disagrees with or to express an opposing opinion on any matter; gay leaders have normalized their lifestyle as the product of genetics, rather than a social choice.

Teaching tolerance for gays in our schools, enacting laws that guarantees their right to marry and raise children; has not been sufficient to satisfy Same-sex advocates. In the coming years we will see the criminalization of any person who stands in opposition to any suppression or elimination of gay rights, including pastors who teach that Same-sex relationships are sinful, according to the established doctrines of the Bible.

All this while protecting the rights of Same-sex persons, our government has deteriorated and suppressed the rights of a majority of Americans to exercise their first amendment right to worship according to their conscience. If you are a Christian living in the United States today, you can no longer refuse to participate in activity that concerns a Same-sex person, if you own a business.

Americans are very worried about domestic and international terrorism on our soil; while a great number remain unconcerned about the terrorism of the gay agenda that poses an equal danger to the very fabric of our nation. The threats of lawsuits, demonstrations of opposition, and distortions of truth in the media, by Same-sex leaders; all contribute to fear amongst lawmakers to allow Same-sex couples all the rights they insist on, as-well-as, the suppression of religious persons who oppose their insistence.

The demands of a minority should not have the power to deprive, impinge, or void the rights of the majority. This is precisely what has taken place in the United States in recent years. The people of several states have voted to not allow Same-sex marriage in their state; the Federal government overruled the decision of the people and made gay marriage the law of the land.[11] We are no longer a nation, “by the people and for the people.” We are a nation that is ruled by the government and a few activist judges who do not enforce the laws of our nation, they institute laws—in opposition to the will of the people.

It is not hate speech for any group to express their opinions under the First Amendment. This is true for Christians, the LGBTQ community, or any other group who has a view of human life that may or may not be different from any other group. We need to develop tolerance for the opinions of all persons and stop giving special rights to select groups who use their platforms to silence those who disagree with them.


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