The Primary Argument Against Atheism

Some people have the idea that the existence of God cannot be proven and therefore atheism is a rational result. The problem is that the existence of God can be proven.

The Argument That There Is No Evidence For God Is Flawed

We live in a world where everything around us has a reason for its existence. None of us imagine that the people we have in our life just happen to come into existence by accident. We know that the union of a man and woman caused this person to exist.

Many people assume that evolution provides us with answers for how human life exists by natural processes. This assumption is wrong. Evolution is only observable and proven regarding adaptability of species. There has never been any new “kinds” produced by evolution, only variations of existing species.

The Difference Between Kind And Species

The term “Kind,” means a higher taxonomic level, such as genus, or even family.

When Charles Darwin described finches with a common ancestry, he was correct. The error was in his assumption that the changes which occured between species were the result of evolution regarding the production of a new Kind.

In the changes from one type of finch to another, no new information was added to the genome. Instead, a reshuffling of the existing genome was taking place with different genes being activated to cause these changes.

One useful example that has been presented to explain this process is in the use of a piano with its many keys, to explain how these genetic processes take place. The genome is similar to the keys on a piano. The sequence in which the keys are played is similar to the activation sequence of genes. According to which keys are played, a different sound is produced. According to how the sequence of activated and expressed genes are presented, determines the variant species produced by the sequence selected.

In the example of the piano, the tune will be different depending upon the keys that are played, but the music is still that of a piano.

In Kinds, there is a completely different kind of music being played by a different instrument.

In genetics, Kinds are completely different animals, just as a piano and a trumpet are different instruments. Both a trumpet and a piano can play unlimited combinations of sounds, but the sounds they produce will always be either a piano or a trumpet.

If we wanted to make a different kind of music, or Kind of animal, we need a different instrument, or different genome. Animals cannot evolve from one species into another, but there is a huge capacity for variation within each species. This type of evolution has been observed and it is true. The type of evolution that has never been observed and is not true is the production of a completely different animal with a different genome from an existing animal and genome.

This defines the origin of human life as the result of forethought, engineering, and intelligent actions necessary to produce human beings. This is verifiable science that proves God must exist. Only an intelligent mind can produce technical working machines with the complexities we see in human beings and the universe itself, the most complex machine in existence.

1,000 Scientists Who Say Evolution Is Wrong

The Beginning Of Life On Earth

There has never been any scientific proof that evolution caused life to spontaneously begin on earth. Every existing Kind on earth, began fully formed. The entire Geologic record demonstrates that every existing Kind found on earth today has always existed fully formed. There are no intermediary species between Kinds that link them to one species.

Scientists know today that Darwin’s natural selection abilities, cannot create complex biological systems. Before life began to exist on earth, there was no biology, only chemistry. This chemistry has remained unchanged for all time. Everything that works today, also worked at the beginning.

We have discovered that when chemical reactions are left unguided as they are in the natural world, the decomposition reactions and competing reactions out distance the synthetic reactions completely. Only by the introduction of an intelligent agent, such as a scientist, when they intervene in the process, and adjusts the reaction conditions precisely, is there progress, and even with help the progress is very limited.

Science has proven that intelligence is necessary for human life to exist.

These realities define chemistry as more than time and chance; it needs intelligent help with knowledge of the outcomes. Random chemical reactions are insufficient and really work against the pathway necessary to result in success. For these reasons, there is growing doubts among thousands of scientists today that the Darwinian paradigm can ever be proven reliable concerning evolution.

Purpose In Existence

Everything useful in human life was imagined, engineered, and built by a person—either directly or as a result of a machine also built by a human being. Nothing in human life came into existence by a natural process, everything was designed and built for a purpose by intelligent beings.

From common everyday ordinary things that are all around us we understand that everything that exists was caused to exist because of intelligence. The existence of material things in the human world is proof that human beings exist.

The universe and human beings have been scientifically proven to have come into existence because of deliberate, engineered acts of an Intelligent Being. Despite more than 150 years of Darwinian evolutionary theory, science cannot reconcile how Darwin’s mechanism can produce the complexity of life.

The Universe Exists Because Of Intelligent Actions

It is possible today to rewind the universe back to its moment of beginning and see the processes that took place at its conception and understand what took place.

Our universe that has produced Earth, which exists with the perfect environment necessary for human beings, did not happen by accident. If we examine the processes that took place at one zeptosecond into the universe’s existence, these processes display evidence of controlled processes that did not happen by accident.

In order for life to exist on earth today, 13.799 billion years ago decisions were made for how chemical reactions would proceed.

Laws And Order

The universe exists because of obedience to a set of laws. We humans live on a planet and have a mind that is able to discover these laws and how the universe exists. This is a fact that is absolutely astonishing.

In order to support advance life on earth, the laws of physics must operate with great precision. The law of gravity is so finely balanced that it is able to hold planets in their orbit, but not so powerful that we cannot walk on earth. In contrast to gravity the laws that regulate the atom, produce forces that are incredibly strong. Change the ratio of the proton to the electron in the atom just 1 part in 10^40 and every atom in the universe self destructs. How did these laws which regulate the forces that make the universe possible, know how to precisely set themselves where they are must be? This becomes an insurmountable obstacle to a naturalistic cause for the universe.

The universe speaks a language that communicates to us how the universe operates; It is called mathematics. This language allows us to express by mathematics what the universe is doing and make predictions for what it will do. The laws of physics operate across the entire universe. They impact the movements of galaxies. They control events in the microscopic world of the atom.

It is the laws of the universe that brought the universe from its natural course of disorder, to order. The existence of these physical laws cannot be explained by natural events. Laws can only come from a mind. The existence of laws demands a lawmaker. A Being of infinite intelligence that is transcendent time, space, and matter, who understood the outcome of setting the universe by these laws and ordering the universe in a specific way, before the universe began.

Scientists assume these laws but they have never been able to explain where they came from in the first place. These laws did not exist before the universe began. The universe and the laws of physics began at the same time.

Science proceeds on the basis that the universe is ordered and exists in a rational and intelligible way. It is extraordinary that the universe did not have to exist in this way. The fact that it does, is good evidence that it was caused to exist with these laws because they are absolutely necessary for order to be possible and produce human life on earth. The idea that these things just happen to be this way and this is why we find ourselves observing them and being amazed, is preposterous. There is nothing in the universe that exists in this manner. Things which we find extraordinary and impossible, always had a mind at the foundation of their existence.

Gravity To Electromagnetism Are Balanced Precisely: Events That Evolution Is Not Capable Of

In order to believe that the universe exists by a natural process, we must explain how gravity could come into existence during the first zeptosecond of time and balance itself precisely with electromagnetism—with a tolerance of less than 10^40? How could these unthinking, unknowing elements guide themselves so that they were set at a tolerance so small that any change, greater or lesser than 10^40, would cause the immediate destruction of the universe?

If the universe evolved over billions of years, why does the evidence prove that gravity and electromagnetism were set precisely the first time—exactly when the universe began? The only way that this would be possible is if an intelligence knew ahead of time what this precise setting should be, and that gravity was essential to this process. It would also be necessary to know in advance what the outcome of changing this exact balance would produce. If these quantities were not known in advance, it would be impossible to guess and achieve success on the first attempt, as is the case with our universe. On the first try, gravity and electromagnetism were precisely balanced.

Despite the chance that the universe could not possibly know where gravity and electromagnetism had to be set, this balance was precisely fixed in less than a trillionth of a billionth of a second.

The Consequences Of Incorrect Balance Of Gravity And Electromagnetism

If the ratio between gravity and electromagnetism was increased by only 1 in 10^40, only very small stars would have formed. If the ratio were decreased by the same amount, only very large stars would have formed. In order for advanced life to be possible, there must be both large and small stars present in the universe. Large stars produce the elements needed for life; small stars burn at the precise rate required to sustain life on a planet, such as earth.[1]

Physicist and Cosmologist Paul Davies also confirmed the likelihood that the correct ratio of gravity to electromagnetism could have occurred by accident as a 1-in-10^40 chance. The probability that this precise calibration could have occurred on its own would be like trying to hit a coin at the far end of the universe (156 billion light years) from earth with a single shot on the first try⁠ [1]

Imagine accurately hitting a target 156 billion light-years away, on your first attempt. [2] To balance gravity and electromagnetism correctly the first time, in a a trillionth of a billionth of a second—at the beginning of the universe—this accuracy was essential. There was only one opportunity for this fine balance to take place when the universe began and it happened perfect the first time. If this balance was off by as little as 10^40, or 1 single grain of sand in a universe that is 60 percent filled with sand, the universe would have collapsed back upon itself before it even began.

When we consider the incredible accuracy required to allow the universe to begin with such precision, we realize that we are living in a universe that was specifically engineered for us by a mind and power that are unlimited.

This fine balance was also necessary for hydrogen and helium to be properly distributed in the correct places—enabling these gasses to be compressed by gravity, into matter—nearly 384 million years later when the first stars formed. These two essential elements for human life, formed during the first three minute of the universe. If they had formed in the first thirty seconds of the universe, our cosmos would have begun primarily with helium and very little hydrogen. This would have produced a universe incapable of producing stars. With no first generation stars, no second generation stars like our sun would have been produced. Second generation stars are necessary for the production of carbon, which is essential for human life. It was from the natural elements of earth that God made man:

Then the Lord God formed the man from the dust of the ground. ~Genesis 2:7

This orderly and precise process of setting the physical constants of the universe, continued throughout the entire history of the universe.

How could an explosion of incalculable force maintain the capacity to control itself so that essential process took place, the first time, and at the exact moment they were necessary—if they merely happened by accident? The science of the universe concludes that these processes are not possible by any unguided operation.

How The Universe Began

Everything came from a single point that is nearly, infinitely, small, made from pure energy. The inevitable product of this tiny spec of energy contained all of the mass, energy of the 400 billion galaxies that are thought to exist in our universe. All of this came from a source that was smaller than a single atom.

The entire universe was a millionth of a billionth of a centimeter in diameter.

This tiny particle was pure energy. From this energy, the universe began. At this beginning, all of the laws and forces which govern our universe, also began. Before the universe started there was no time to mark its duration, no space to put a universe in, and no matter to make anything. Even the laws of physics did not exist when the universe began.

Despite the absence of the physical laws, the precise balances of gravity, electromagnetism, and the process of every atom’s creation, began. How could they begin on their own, if not by intelligent engineering?

The first force to emerge from the new universe was gravity. The entire determination for whether the universe would exist; it’s size, structure and everything that would be a part of the universe, was determined the moment that gravity was created.

Gravity shaped the universe and made the formation of stars and planets possible. In computer simulations, where different amounts of gravity are imparted to potential universes, with too little gravity, nothing happens. With too little gravity all that we would have is material flying apart and no structures would be able to form.

A universe that began with too much gravity, would provide nothing more than black holes that would swallow up all the matter of the universe.

Gravity had to be precise at the beginning of the universe or this universe that we live in would never have happened. This becomes a tremendous obstacle to overcome by mere happenstance. There is no natural or evolutionary process which can hit a precise setting  for gravity the first time. The entire premise of evolution is based upon millions of misses before a successful hit that permits the process to continue. With a successful universe like ours, the precise setting for gravity must be right the first time.

When we see a requirement in life that is so precise that any adjustment plus or minus, would cause a collapse of that process, we understand that intelligence was necessary for this precise setting to have occurred. Only concerning the universe and human life, do people believe that the events that were necessary to make the universe possible and human life successful on earth, could have taken place by accident.

Precision Of Gravity

What is incredible about the precise setting for gravity in our universe is the fact that it happened in less than one second. If gravity was not precisely set at -430th of a second, we would not have a universe. No matter how great your faith in science is, it is impossible to believe that gravity just happened to set itself where it had to be, in less than -430th of a second. Intelligence and infinite power were required to know this setting was necessary, and then be able to engineer the process to take place exactly as it did.

There is absolutely no possibility that gravity could exist on its own and set itself precisely when it began, so that our universe would be possible, by itself.

As this pinpoint of energy exploded, guided by a precise amount of gravity, it expanded in every direction. The universe grew by an extraordinary jump in size, also in a fraction of a second. Scientists estimate that in less than a millionth, of a millionth, of a millionth, of a millionth, of a second, space expanded by a factor bigger than a million, million, million, million, times.

What is most puzzling about this massive increase in size is that it exceeded the speed of light. This would have broken one of the fundamental laws of physics, which states that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light.

There is one exception to this rule: objects in empty space can go faster than light. From the size of an atom, to the size of a baseball, took a millionth, of a millionth, of a millionth, of a millionth, of a second.

This doesn’t sound like a huge increase, but when you begin with energy that comprises the entire universe, as small as an atom, and it increases to the size of a baseball in a millionth, of a millionth, of a millionth, of a millionth, of a second, this would mean that this had to happen faster than light can travel.

This is one of the principle points of a universe that could not have began or controlled itself, that makes any natural process impossible. The crucial processes that were taking place which were essential to the success of the universe were happening so fast, because all of the energy was condensed so much closer together.

These events of the initial universe happened so quickly that scientists needed a new unit of measurement to be able to understand all of these events happening so fast. This new unit or measurement for how quickly the initial universe expanded, is called Plank Time.

To give you an idea how short Plank Time is, there are more units of Plank Time in one second, than all of the seconds since the universe began, nearly 14 billion years ago.

There are nearly 31 million seconds in a year. It has been nearly 14 billion years since the universe began. Multiply 31 million 556 thousand, 926, by 14 billion, and you get a time scale that is so small that all human intuition evaporates.

If you look at your watch and measure one second, ask yourself how many Plank Times is that? It is a billion, billion, billion, billion, billion, Plank Times.

When the universe is just a few Plank Times old, an exploding mass of energy is expanding faster than the speed of light. In just a few more Plank Times, the entire universe was determined.

Events Happening In Infinitesimally Small Durations Of Time

In just a few Plank Times, a fraction of a second, the universe is so small that you could hold it all in the palm of your hand. In just a few more Plank Times, another tiny fraction of a second, the universe expands to the size of the earth.

In the initial Plank Times of the universe, this energy was hotter than anything that exists today. The internal fury of a star that exists today is calm compared to the violence that existed in the first second of the universe. These temperatures were so hot that the atoms of the human body would be torn apart and cease to exist. This early universe was trillions of degrees in temperature.

As the universe continue to rapidly expand, it also begins to cool. As these temperatures decrease, new processes are possible in the development of the universe. The pure energy of the universe begins to transform into tiny subatomic particles. This is the first real matter that exists in the new universe. This conversion of energy into matter, was predicted in the formula of Albert Einstein, E=MC², many years before anyone knew anything about the moment the universe began. At the time that Einstein formulated his theory of relativity, he and a majority of scientists, believed the universe was static and eternal.

In Einstein’s formula, E=MC², the creation of the universe is explained. Even if the universe was created out of nothing but pure energy, energy can be converted to matter, and matter to energy. Everything that we have in our lives—everything that exists in the universe, can come from this pure energy.

This brings us to another realization. When God created the universe, He knew ahead of time that every good thing we have in our life, homes, cars, food, clothes, cell phones, and every wonderful thing that exists for our enjoyment, would be possible when He made the universe from pure energy. The energy didn’t know this. The universe did not care if we had all that we enjoy, but the God who made the universe for us, understood how much these things would mean to us. He loved us, so He created a universe from this pure energy and knew that it would someday be converted into matter that would make all we need and love.

In a thermonuclear explosion, a small amount of matter is converted to a massive amount of energy. At the creation of the universe the opposite took place. God created a massive amount of energy from where all the matter that exists today would originate.

God did not need to create matter at the beginning of the universe, all He had to do was create a massive amount of energy that would later be converted to matter. This microscopic particle of massive energy was all that God needed to make this incredible universe. This gives us a small glimpse into the mind, heart, and power of the God who created our universe because of His love for people.

By the word of the Lord the heavens were made, And all the host of them by the breath of His mouth. ~Psalms 33:6 (NKJV)

It only took a few Plank Times, fractions of one second, and God had already created all of the building blocks that would be necessary for our universe to build stars, planets, galaxies, and eventually people.

This matter which first existed in the universe was unlike matter we see today. The matter which makes up all that we can see today, was not the same kind of matter that existed in the earliest moments of the universe. The conditions of the early universe that existed at less than one second, were so extreme that atoms did not exist. There were, tiny subatomic particles.

How Pure Energy Became Matter

During this first second of the universe there was so much energy contained in such a small space, that particles were being created, matter and energy were being transferred back and forth, but was too unstable to form the universe that exists today. The extreme temperature of the early universe, energizes the tiny subatomic particles. This causes them to appear and disappear. These particles are moving around in what appears to be chaos. As the universe ages, these particles begin to slow down as the temperature of the universe decreases over time.

Someone looking at this process from the outside would imagine that these are simply the normal process of natural events that are unguided and random. When we examine the entire text of the Bible, we see that long processes of time is precisely how God does most things of lasting value. God promises a Savior in Genesis 3:15; it was not until 3,500 years later that the Savior arrives. Jesus promises to come again to set up His kingdom on earth and end evil, sin, suffering, and death; it has been nearly 2,000 years since that promise was made.

Peter said that when these long processes of time unfold, people start to imagine that God must not exist because certainly God, if He does exist, would not take so long to do what He intends. Peter said that in the last days, before Jesus does come again, people will be saying that it has been too long since Jesus said He would come again; He is not going to return.

Most importantly, I want to remind you that in the last days scoffers will come, mocking the truth and following their own desires. They will say, “What happened to the promise that Jesus is coming again? From before the times of our ancestors, everything has remained the same since the world was first created.” They deliberately forget that God made the heavens long ago by the word of his command, and he brought the earth out from the water and surrounded it with water. ~2 Peter 3:3-5 (NLT)

Notice that Peter places the long duration of time since Jesus promised to come again, in context with the long period of time that God took when He created the universe.

All of these seemingly random events of the universe during the 13.799 billion years of its history, seem too long. It is for this reason that some have said that God created the universe in six days. When we carefully read the text of Genesis chapter 1, we see that the very first line of the Bible states that “in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” When this creation took place, is not revealed.

Verse 2 tells us that when God began to prepare the earth for human habitation, it was covered with water and darkness. Verse 3 begins a description of six days in which light that already existed in the form of the sun and moon, were able to be seen on the surface of earth because God removed the canopy of vapor that blocked light from earth. Then God made the seeds that were already on the earth, begin to produce plants. He created animal life and finally human life, during six 24 hour days. Then on the seventh day, God rested. These seven days are not a description of the universe at its creation, but earth and it is prepared by God for human habitation. A 13.799 billion year old universe does not violate one principle of the Bible. In fact, it demonstrates the great love, care, and patience of God for all human beings.

The Beginning of the Universe: Reconciling 6 Days with 13.7 Billion Years

If you read the objections for an old universe by young earth advocates, you discover that their primary objection to the universe being created over a long process of billions of years, is that God would not do this. Their primary assertion for a old universe/old earth, is that this would mean that the universe evolved over billions of years. Of course, this is not true. Simply because God took a long period of time to do something, does not mean that He was not actively involved in doing all of these things. In fact, science proves that God had to be involved for the entire history of the universe.

While the world has been waiting for Jesus to fulfill His 2,000 year old promise to come again, God has been working in the world to prepare the hearts of people to receive Jesus as their Savior—every day.

Energy Converted To Matter, Takes Time

As the process of time in the early universe continues, the particles of energy stop changing back into energy and remain as matter. This is a process that God built into the universe to prepare it for the time when earth would be ready for man to inhabit this planet.

We think of 13.799 billion years as an extraordinarily long period of time. Peter, again commenting on how God operates in the universe, said that a thousand years to the Lord, is but one day. In context with the question of Jesus taking too long to return, Peter said that our view of time is all wrong. God lives outside of time. In eternity time does not exist. For God, a thousand years, is no more than a day. Jesus has only been gone for two days.

The Lord isn’t really being slow about his promise, as some people think. No, he is being patient for your sake. He does not want anyone to be destroyed, but wants everyone to repent. But the day of the Lord will come as unexpectedly as a thief. Then the heavens will pass away with a terrible noise, and the very elements themselves will disappear in fire, and the earth and everything on it will be found to deserve judgment. ~2 Peter 3:9-10 (NLT)

Notice again that Jesus’ delay in returning to earth, is placed before us in context with the creation of the universe, and its eventual destruction. Someday, Jesus will destroy the present universe and create a brand new universe. It is interesting that Peter correctly describes the scientific process for how the universe will be destroyed; a massive heat death.

“…the heavens will pass away with a terrible noise, and the very elements themselves will disappear in fire, and the earth and everything on it…”

As the particles of the early universe are slowing down by the cooling of the universe and becoming matter, we discover that at the same time there is a threat to the universe that was not known by scientists until recent history; antimatter.

Everything in the universe is made from matter. All the matter that exists today in the immensity of our universe, came from the pure energy that God created at the moment the universe began.

Einstein, by his mathematical equation, E=MC², means that energy is transformed into matter. At the time that Einstein formulated this equation is was only a theory. Today, scientists have seen this equation is reality as they have gone back in time to the moment when the universe began and have seen how pure energy was actually converted into all the matter that makes up our universe today.

God Proven By Evidence

The preceding is a brief scientific explanation for the existence of human life on earth and the existence of the universe. If you ask most atheists how and why the universe exists, they will tell you they don’t know, and no one else knows either. This is not true. Science does know how the universe exists and science knows that the processes which allowed the universe to begin and exist today so that we can live here on earth, could have only taken place if an infinite intelligence existed to cause all that we can see, to exist. This intelligence is God and He is proven by the existence of human life and the presence of the universe.

Atheism is not rational; the existence of God is proven by the scientific evidence of human life and the universe.

Why The God Of The Bible Is The Only Viable God



[1] Davies, Paul. 1983. God and the New Physics. London, J M Dent & Sons

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