How Science Proves God

It is a fact of science that we are able to observe processes that have taken place during the history of the universe. Science has demonstrated that events which made the universe what it is today, were not possible by a strictly natural process. When scientists examine the universe at its conception, they state that left to its own the universe would never have produced intelligent life. This is because in the initial expansion of pure energy from where all matter in the universe was formed, intervention was necessary to guide the processes that took place.

For example: at just -430th of a second when the universe began, gravity and electromagnetism were created and precisely balanced to allow every other event to take place in the universe. If gravity and electromagnetism were not precisely balanced at one zeptosecond into the beginning of the universe, neither first or second generation stars would have been possible. It is from the death of a first generation star that a second generation star is formed—from where carbon is produced, the fundamental element necessary for human beings.

How God Created The Universe: Science And The Bible In Symmetry

Science has taught us that this critical balance between gravity and electromagnetism were fundamental to a universe that could produce human life on earth. How these two fundamental attributes of the universe could begin in such a tiny fraction of time, and be perfectly balanced so as to ensure all future processes that would produce intelligent life, is clearly an action that was engineered by intelligence, not accidental.

If the balance of gravity and electromagnetism was changed by even 1 part in 10 to the power of 40 = 10^40 = 1 0000000000 0000000000 0000000000 0000000000, the universe would have immediately collapsed back upon itself and not continued to expand.

Every scientists understands that a precise balance of two crucial elements is only possible if intelligence is entered into the equation of the universe. Only an intelligent mind is capable of knowing the precise processes that are necessary, and what the results would be if a fine balance is changed even slightly. Natural processes do not have the ability to know what a particular process must be in order to exact a specific outcome. Evolutionary theory operates on the assumption that natural processes adapt by trial and error. The universe could never have begun by trial and error, therefore, it was not a naturally caused, evolutionary process. The universe was caused by the intelligence of a mind that was transcendent time, space and matter. This mind knew ahead of time what processes were required in a zeptosecond of time, and guided these processes so that they would exact a specific outcome.

Science understand that this was not possible by a natural process. By its very nature, the universe exhibits scientific, observable data that proves it was guided by an intelligence.

If the universe began suddenly by itself and expanded strictly by a natural process, it is impossible that gravity and electromagnetism could achieve the precise balance necessary on the first try. This requires a mind that calculated what this balance must be and predetermined it before the universe began.

There was no second chance for any of these critical processes. If gravity and electromagnetism was altered by 1 part in 10^40, the universe would have failed to produce stars, no planets, and the lack of these necessary parts of the universe would have resulted in no human life. There are 1,978 of these physical constants that exist in the universe today which are precisely set that makes human life possible on earth. Without this exact balance, human beings could live on earth. Change any of these nearly 1,978 physical constants and earth and everything on it, dies.

The idea that there could be this many accidents or coincidences occurring all at the same time, is preposterous. There is no example anywhere during the entire history of the earth where extremely technical mechanisms, or useful machines, came into existence by themselves. Scientists have stated that the universe is the most technically advanced machine ever to exist.[1]

A Naturally Occuring Universe Is Disproven By Science

If the universe began as a result of a natural process, we would be able to scientifically prove this and the matter would be settled. The fact is, the science of the universe can only prove that the processes necessary to produce the universe had to be ordered, controlled and fine-tuned in order for human life to exist today.

Theoretical Physicist, Stephen Hawking, described the impossibility of a universe existing at all as a supernatural event apart from a naturalistic cause.

“The odds against a universe like ours emerging out of something like the Big Bang are enormous. I think there are clearly religious implications.”[2]

In the first zeptosecond  of the universe, the precise balance between gravitational force and the expansion of energy was precisely calibrated within extremely narrow limits—necessary for life to exist on earth billions of years later. The big question is why they were calibrated at all since the models that scientists have developed for how the universe should have expanded reveals a universe drastically different from what actually occurred.

Stephen Hawking describes the models that scientists have developed for a universe which began under conditions that were present at the moment of the Big Bang:

“Why did the universe start out with so nearly the critical rate of expansion that separates models that recollapse from those that go on expanding forever, that even now, 10 thousand million years later, it is still expanding at nearly the critical rate? If the rate of expansion one second after the Big Bang had been smaller by even one part in 100 thousand million million, the universe would have recollapsed before it ever reached its present size.”[3]

In fact, during the first trillionth of a second, during the initial expansion of gases, there were many essential elements and that were required if life would be possible on the earth. This extremely narrow margin that was set at the beginning of the universe makes it impossible that a precise equilibrium could have taken place by any natural or undirected process.

This is scientific and empirical evidence that allows us to confidently conclude that a Being of infinite knowledge and power was necessary for the universe to exist and human life to be present on earth today.

Science cannot prove the existence of God, but science can provide us with evidence that requires intelligence in order for a process to produce a certain result. If these results are impossible without the intervention of a mind, and the mind necessary to accomplish the process is limitless, a reasonable person must conclude that a Being like God, must be a reality.

How God Created The Universe: Science And The Bible In Symmetry


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2.Described by Isaac Newton in his laws of motion with the laws of universal gravitation.
3.Gottfried Leibniz: “The Notion of the World’s being a great Machine, going on without the Interposition of God, as a Clock continues to go without the Assistance of a Clockmaker; is the Notion of Materialism and Fate, and tends, (under pretence of making God a Supra-mundane Intelligence,) to exclude Providence and God’s Government in reality out of the World.”
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3 replies

  1. I do not need proof for I know God created all this because of my faith. If atheist need proof they only have to ask themselves, where did their great minds come from ? If they say it evolved, ok where did it evolve from ? If they say it evolved from the Big Bang then guess what we are right back where we started GOD producing that pico second of creation that brought it all about. Satan will fight all theories of GOD and his creation but even the demons shutter with fear in his presence and the fallen angels have seen his creation when it was made. So if atheist want to live on that side of the aisle, the best thing I can do for them is pray that the risen Christ will open their eyes if they let him in to their hearts.


  2. I do not question how God did it. I only know He did… Blessings


    • Jesus said that those (like yourself), who do not need to see evidence, but trust in the Lord explicitly, are the most blessed. The Lord loves people who have a simple childlike faith. He does provide a tremendous amount of evidence for those who need it, but in the end, it is people with a heart like yours that He appreciates the most. Blessings to you also!

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