Are Critics Right, Did Jesus Never Claim To Be God?

Let us imagine a man who comes into the world and has no home, money, possessions, or ambition for power. He is described by the men who lived with Him for three and one half years, as one who has never sinned. Have you ever known anyone in your life for more than a day that you were not keenly aware they are a sinner, just like every other person in the world?

Jesus made it very clear that He was God in human flesh. He repeatedly stated that He and God were one and the same. He claimed to have been with Abraham who lived 1,500 years before (John 8:58).

See The Evidence That Jesus Claimed To Be God

The Pharisees picked up stones to kill Jesus because He said that He is God (John 10:30-33). The entire purpose of the Pharisees in seeking to crucify Jesus was because He had committed blasphemy, declaring that He was God in human flesh (Matthew 26:63-66).

How is it today that some Liberal Theologians write books declaring that Jesus never claimed to be God?

See “Why Jesus Is God: Examining The Facts Of History”

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