New Testament Bible Difficulties

Discrepancies and claimed conflicts that are asserted against the text of the Bible are always the result of a variety of problems that reside with the person who brings the accusation.

  • Supposed contradictions due to a misunderstanding of the historical text of the Bible.
  • Claimed contradictions due to the text being misread.
  • Occasions where a contradiction is imagined, due to a misuse of the original Hebrew language.
  • Contradictions claimed by an adversary which are not, in fact, contradictions.
  • Asserted contradictions due to the reader not understanding the intent of the verse in which they are reading.
  • Imagined contradictions due to an error in the copying of the text.
  • Contradictions that are claimed because the reader did not have a complete awareness of the ancient history of Israel and the nations mentioned by the Bible.
  • Occasions of claimed contradictions due to a misuse of the Greek language.
  • A contradiction that was imagined because the entire context of the verse was not read and taken into consideration.
  • Supposed contradictions due to a literalist interpretation rather than the contextual interpretation that the verse demands.
  • Misunderstandings because of a false conclusion that too place due to the hostile evaluation and bias of the commentator.
  • Claimed contradictions due to confusion between one event and another.
  • Contradictions that were claimed due to the usage of an unreliable translation of the Bible.


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