Suffering and Trials

This page displays a list of all articles that are written to encourage those who are suffering through a trial and need encouragement.

Though He Slay Me, Yet Will I Trust Him
Jesus Will Never Leave You or Forsake You
Don’t Blame God When Bad Things Happen…
The Lord is More Interested in Your Character Than Your Comfort
Jesus Carried All Your Sins So You No Longer Have To
Jesus Bore All Sickness While Paying For Our Sins on the Cross
The Suffering of God at Man’s Unwillingness to be Saved
Why the World Hates Jesus and Those Who Follow Him
Jesus Healed the Scars of all People–Yet He Will Bear His Own Scars Forever
Isaiah’s Description of Messiah’s Suffering: Spit Upon
Isaiah’s Description of Messiah’s Suffering: Beard Ripped Out
How Much Jesus Suffered For Us
Jesus Understands Your Despair
That God Would Die For Us
Why Would God Create Man–Knowing that It Would Require the Death of His Son?
God Will Have the Last Word in Our Lives
Following Jesus is No Burden
The God Who Came to Serve
When the Lord is My Shepherd
Religious Frauds and Pretenders
What Happened to Our Sins When Jesus Died?
You Need Mercy, Not Condemnation
How Culture and Tradition Can Deprive You of Eternal Life
A Woman Caught in the Act of Adultery
The Weak, The Powerless, the Insignificant: The Person God Uses
The Messiah Will Be a “Wonderful Counselor”
Robin Williams: Life is not a Joke
Why God Came to Earth as a Baby
When God Revealed Himself…
Why Jesus is Hated by the World and Rejected by Israel
The Purpose and Function of Jesus Church
When God Became a Man
Service Now, Rewards and Rulership: When Jesus Returns
How God Keeps His Promises, Despite Impossible Circumstances
Our Trials, Suffering, and Pain, and How Jesus Overcame His Own
The Parables of Jesus: Heavenly Truth, Taught by Earthly Illustrations
The Contrast Between Human Love and God’s Love
The Humility of Jesus–Enabled our Exaltation
Jesus Was Not Ashamed to Die For You
Are Some Sinners Worse Than Others?
Jesus Understands Your Heart
Jesus Was Born to Die
He Made Him Who Knew No Sin, To Become Sin For Us
The Resurrection, Fabrication or Fulfillment?
How God Justifies Even the Worst Sinner
A Knowledge of Good and Evil
If You Only Knew the Gift God Has For You

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