Pretending That God Does Not Exist In Order To Live Any Way You Choose


Over the course of 40 years, I have heard just about every excuse for why a person will not receive Jesus as their Savior. In all of the reasons that people give for their unwillingness, they all boil down to one source: A desire to live a certain life that they have chosen, without the interference of religion.

There are many who claim that there is no proof for the existence of God. This is perhaps the most preposterous excuse, considering the massive evidence that is available today to prove that God must exist. In these cases, those who make such assertions, do so from willing ignorance. While asserting that no proof exists for God, under investigation, we find that these persons have not done the necessary work themselves to determine whether or not God actually does exist. In an overwhelming majority, most people who make such claims, use the comments and quotes of other atheists, not their own personal research.

I have not met a single atheists who has taken an academic approach to their atheism by sincerely exploring all the facts which empirically prove that God must exist. The arguments that are frequently given are at best; insufficient, at worst; only taken from the words of other atheists. If you listen to persons who are incorrect in their hypothesis or conclusions, then your hypothesis and conclusions will also be incorrect.

When we are confronted with those who have chosen the gay lifestyles, we find that the denial of God in their lives is a convenient way to justify the life that they have chosen for themselves.

Some atheists and those of the gay community would have us believe that the founding fathers intended that homosexuals and lesbians should have the same rights as heterosexual couples, regarding marriage. This assertion is impeached by the historical data that proves that the men who framed the Constitution believed that laws based upon mere men, were insufficient.

In order to secure the rights of all Americans, the founding fathers determined that the laws of this new nation should come from a source that is Transcendent of man. When we compare the laws of God for mankind, with the precepts of the United States government, which are set forth in the Constitution, they are so similar, it is unmistakable as to their common source. The founders of America believed that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, is a right that is conveyed to all human beings, from God. They stated this fact in our founding documents. These rights also have limits. According the framers of the Constitution, no person should have the right to violate the laws of nature, or natures God. These words are also a part of the opening clause of the Declaration of Independence. According to the framers of the Constitution, the lifestyle of homosexuals and lesbians are in conflict with the laws of nature. For this reason, the founders never intended that gays should be able to marry. It was only after our nation had fallen away from her historical roots that a majority of Supreme Court Justices determined that they would institute laws for America, instead of the Constitutional mandate that all laws come from the legislative branch of American government.

The result of these errors has enabled the gay community to hold up a banner that declares their right to marry, as endorsed by the majority of American People. In fact, the majority of American people have not approved of the marriage of same-sex couples. In states where Americans have voted to not allow this practice, the Supreme Court has overruled the will of the people. Today, the United States exists as a nation that is governed by the Supreme Court and the President of the United States, rather than the legislative branch, which takes its direction from the Constitutional requirement that we are a government for the people, by the people.

In all of the oppositions that I have encountered by atheists and the gay community, their objections are centered on their assertion that American government should not be influenced by religion. When we examine the actual words of the men who are responsible for the Constitution and the founding of the United States, we find the opposite. These men felt deeply that their faith in the God of the Bible, was the source of their inspiration to frame a constitution of liberty.

All of the laws of our nation came from the liberty that God has desired for all people. God never intended that any human being live under the tyranny of government. God never intended that any person should be forced to worship a state sponsored religion. When Jesus arrived on the earth and announced that He was here as a faithful witness of who God is and what He requires of all men, He never used force to bring anyone to Himself.

The framers of the Constitution understood this principle. They also understood that the laws which God has determined for men, referred to as the “natural laws,” similar to the natural laws of the universe itself—were the basis for all just laws. This new Constitution would convey rights which originate from the natural laws of God. The framers of the Constitution did not intend that any person who would have the right to marry, in opposition to these natural laws. It is obvious to every human being that men were not made for men, nor women for women. The natural use of both male and female is completely clear.

A person may continue to deny God His rightful place in their life, so long as they live. At the conclusion of their time here on earth, they will be faced with the consequences of their actions. Every person will give an account to God. Those who have obeyed His command to repent and receive Jesus as their Savior, will be spared from all judgment. Those who reach the end of their life and have refused to receive God’s offer of pardon for their sins, will find that it will be impossible to obtain the blessings of eternal life that God intended for them. Jesus came to be the bearer of all sins for all people. He will forgive any person, for any sin, so long as they first come to Him in sincere repentance for their former sins, and be willing to live the rest of their life, as much as possible, without sin.

God will not hear any excuse on the day of judgment. He is only concerned with one principle: “What did you do with my Son.”

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