2,700 Year Old Excavation In Israel Reveals Christian Crosses


For those who claim that the Jesus of the New Testament and His resurrection are a myth, a new archeological discovery in Israel, provides new evidence that refutes this assertion.

About 2,700 years ago an underground water system was hewn from solid rock, over 20 miles in length, near Rosh HaAyin in central Israel. Inside this massive system, along the rock walls, archeologists discovered human figures with their arms lifted up in worship next to crosses. The clear intent of these inscriptions is the worship of Jesus as He rose from the dead. The presence of His cross with the lifted arms to heaven indicate a belief that the one from the cross had risen to heaven. This archeological discovery is physical evidence in support of the New Testament Gospels which describes the miracle of Jesus’ resurrection on the third day after He was crucified.

Archeologists state that these images were not placed upon the rock walls 2,700 years ago when the massive structure was originally built, but later by people who came into the underground cavern.

The question one must ask is why we find images of worship before a cross in Israel if Jesus never existed? The meaning of these images is further defined by their uplifted hands to heaven in response to the cross. Early Christians were particularly focussed on Jesus’ resurrection. As we examine the lifted arms we see that they are over exaggerated and extend upward towards heaven, an indication that the one who carved this image believed that the one who was on the cross, also rose to heaven.

It is clear that these images are meant as an early Christian belief that Jesus had risen from the dead.

I have written extensively about the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ in twenty-four different books. It is a constant assertion by critics that either Jesus never existed or if He did exist, He certainly did not rise from the dead. For the person who is seeking empirical evidence for Jesus’ existence and whether He was raised from the dead, this is important and solid evidence to consider..



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