Galapagos Finches Did Not Become A New Species

Deception Continues In Evolutionary Claims

Evidence of Finches on Galapagos Island showing characteristics of adaptability in changing their beak sizes, does not make them a new species. They are simply a new species within the same species.

This new species are still Finches and they are still birds. Although there are many examples of birds, plants, and animals adapting to their environments, not one has ever become a completely different animal, plant, or bird.

When we think of evolution of the species in the sense of apes becoming man, this type of evolution has never presented evidence that would lead us to scientifically validate this kind of massive changes in evolution.

Biology is based on that taxonomy, and this is the reason we see plants and animals with different scientific names. A species that occurs within an existing species because of adaptability, is quite common, but it is not the same as evolution in the sense of different animals, or distinct kinds of organisms.

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These species cannot produce fertile offspring by breeding. Though they often do create offspring, these animals are sterile. When donkeys and horses breed, the result is a mule which cannot reproduce itself. This is due to the massive differences between donkeys and horses as distinct species.

This illustrates the large gulf that exists between an actual occurrence of a completely new species and one which occurs by adaptability as with the Galapagos Island Finches.

What evolutionists are seeking to do with the Galapagos Finch example is to say that because Finches can adapt to different environments by changes in their beaks and therefore become a new species within a species, this is also possible with apes and humans. This is, of course, a lie and is not provable by any scientific evidence.

There has never been any evidence in the fossil record that proves that an ape species can evolve into a human species, though many forgeries have been submitted as examples.

Exactly how common size fluctuations in beak size amongst finches on Galapagos island proves evolution, is a great mystery. Evolutionists would have the uniformed or naive believe these new Finch species prove that evolution is true but it does not. This new Finch species only supports the known truth that God built adaptability into the plants and animals He created, showing that He is the common source for all life.

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