A Challenge To Debate For Amateur Exegete

I have issued an invitation to Debate an important issue with “Amateur Exegete.” This person was not able to meet the challenge of proving that the New Testament Gospels were written late in the first century, by non-eyewitnesses. This is my second challenge for a similar claim made by “Counter Apologia,” who has made the same claims and also refuses to answer my request for evidence to prove their argument.

As stated previously, I often find many interesting debates on my Twitter feed from many intelligent atheists and other critics of God and the Bible. On occasion I find persons who are all talk, but unable to provide actual evidence to support their assertions.

This person, who uses the alias: “Amateur Exegete,” has repeatedly stated that other scholars have proven that the Gospels of Christ were written late in the first century, by non-eyewitnesses. I asked this person to provide the actual evidence that these other scholars have included with their statements to prove these claims are true.

Not once has this critic provided any evidence. Instead, this person has resorted to one of the oldest tactics used by a challenger in a debate, when they cannot impeach the arguments of their opponent; to turn and attack the opponent personally.

When a critic is unable to provide the requested evidence, or cannot refute their debate adversary, they look for a reason to attack their adversary personally, in order to deflect the attention away from the real issue: they don’t know the answer, or cannot provide the evidence.

I am challenging this critic; Amateur Exegete, to a public debate here at my website, so that we can have the required space to adequately write our arguments and impeachments.

If Ben does not accept my invitation to debate, I will know, as well as all others, that this person does not have the ability to defend the late-date writing of the Gospels, written by non-eyewitnesses.

If you accept my invitation, Counter, and are able to provide the requested evidence, not in a link, but by your own written words in the form of a comment at the end of this post, then I will answer you and we can settle this matter. If you do not, I will know that you cannot impeach the Gospels because there is no evidence to do so.

Ben, of Amateur Exegete, Has Refused To Debate The Issues That He Asserted Could Be Proven

There will be no debate because there is no evidence to prove the Gospels were written late in the 1st century, or the writers were not eyewitnesses. Ben has resorted to a common tactic of atheists unable to support their assertions, excuses for why he cannot debate. The request was simple: If you can prove these assertions, place your evidence at the end of this article in the comments section and I will answer your arguments.

We are still waiting for this evidence…

UPDATE: June 15, 2022. Ben has decided that the following will be his scholarly answer to my challenge for debate. The following was sent to me by one of my readers who read this on Ben’s Twitter Feed:

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  1. Mr Robinson,

    I was amazed by this persons inability to engage you here at your article. Even after so much time he will not make any attempt at a debate. I saw in my google search a video he made that he says, overturns some of your other articles. It didn’t seem to me that he was able to do this. I didn’t see any attempt on his video to address the points you made here in your challenge to debate.

    I have to believe that this is because he doesn’t have the ability to do so.

    Thank you for always providing evidence in your writing and for helping me understand important subjects. I was an atheist not long ago, but realized that many of my beliefs about God and the bible were based on what i had read from other atheists.

    I am readin your book, new testament apologetics.



    • Thank you, John for your thoughtful observations.

      It is one of the difficulties in teaching the evidence for Jesus, that many are resistant to let go of their old biases and the hard heart that causes so much unbelief.

      I am interested to hear you comments regarding my new book. Let me know when you finish.



  2. Dear Mr. Robinson,

    Thank you for good essay. As always you inspire me to search my thoughts.

    I have had many on-line discussions with atheists, many of whom were intelligent
    and gracious enough to expound upon their anti-God and anti-Bible stances.
    Some respondents are nasty, mocking, implacable, and obstinately close-minded
    to anything said.

    After telling them all that Self and human pride is antithetical to God-Consciousness,
    I fine all atheists forever beating the drum for empirical objective proof of the existence
    of God. Thus I come to the conclusion that the issue between the believer and
    non-believer is matter of reference point.

    I maintain that the atheist by free moral agency subjectively chooses the demand
    of objective tangible proof of God (as all choice is subjective). So be it. This scientific
    proof is their reference point. However, they do not have the reference point of the
    believer who sees events choreographed leading them to the perception of miracles
    or revelations. The reference point of believers is the unshakeable confidence of
    knowing when God wants you to know something from Him, you know without
    reservation or doubt whatsoever that the enlightenment came from God.

    Atheists simply have never had this God-contact ever. Yet they maintain we believers
    are being subjective without evidence of proof. Yet their lack of lateral thinking dismisses
    the argument that they cannot have proof that the pizza they are eating actually tastes
    good. Only if a person experiences the sensation, whether carnal or spiritual, can any
    credence be given of its factualness.

    Atheist do not understand that there is a huge grey area lying between objectivity and
    subjectivity. A person can obliterate himself by running head-first into a brick wall. Why?
    Because the brick wall was hard and unyielding. Yet the clay bricks on the Moh’s Scale
    is a soft rock compared to steel or diamond. We therefore cannot determine objectively
    if the wall was indeed hard and must seek subjective answers. And regarding Pi: we
    know the concept exists yet cannot even definitively ascertain its value. It is incalculable.
    Therefore, how can we technically say that it exists if we can’t even calculate it?

    Finally, when discussing even basic cognitive thoughts, some atheists are remarkably
    challenged intellectually. One atheist asked me how can we possibly talk to God?
    I said that when Christ died at Calvary, the veil of the Holy of Holies was ripped asunder
    allowing the believer to have direct access to Father God without the intermediary priest
    as Lord Jesus Christ is our High Priest and that no earthly “priest” is required.
    I said Lord Jesus Christ told us how to communicate by saying “Our Father,
    Who art in Heaven….” as we pray to Almighty God. The atheist responded by asking me
    “How is this speaking to God?” He just didn’t get it. I simply gave up speaking with the
    atheist as it was obvious he was buried in his own darkness.

    The recalcitrant, unrepentant atheist hasn’t a clue, it seems, regarding the corruption
    of the heart of man by pride and ego. I just re-read the Book of Job and even Job himself
    realized that his own sense of good-esteem and righteousness is sorely lacking when it
    comes to combatting Satan. Lord Jesus Christ rebuked the man who addressed Him as
    good. Jesus said, “There is no good; only the Father is good.”

    I am grateful that the Holy Spirit had come upon me on 2/8/20. The event occurred from
    beyond the workings of my mind and self. It had a definite beginning and closure.
    I maintain therefore that my witnessing of the Holy Spirit is my objective reference point.
    Can you imagine me trying to tell an atheist that?

    A conversation-stopper with an atheist is when I say that God will ultimately give you
    what you want, in reference to our discussions of Hell. I said that if a person shuns
    the Light, he will seek and prefer the darkness instead. God will read his heart and give
    that person over to darkness.

    Steve Rodak


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