No Christian Should Ever Endorse Or Participate In Violence, Bloodshed, Or Destruction

If we examine the texts of the New Testament, we never see Jesus commanding His followers to take up arms against the government, or commit acts of violence. Throughout the history of the world since Christ, many evil people have hijacked the name of “Christian,” and used it for their own evil purposes.

The Crusades, and every other violent act that people have commited in the name of Jesus, He did not command. The violence, bloodshed, and destruction that ensued at the United States Capitol, should not have happened, and no person who truly loves Jesus should have participated.

The Gospel of Christ is love and peace, and no true follower of Jesus has the right to do the things we saw take place on January 6, 2021. Images of people carrying signs that said “Jesus is my Savior and Trump is my president,” had no place in that crowd of rioters.

We who do love Jesus, condemn these acts of violence and we publicly state that anyone who claims to be a Christian and participated in these acts, does not represent us or the name of Christ.

This is a time for all true believers to pray fervently for our nation, leaders, and people. We are in great need of God’s help and people who love Him, to declare that what we saw at the United States Capitol, is not how Americans or Christians settle issues.

The violence and hatred that has permeated America is due to our departure from the Lord and His word. We have forgotten God in our lives and our government, and the results we see now, are the evidence this is true. Only by returning to the Lord in humility, prayer and repentance, can we have any hope of saving our nation from complete destruction. If we continue on the path we are now walking, the end of our great nation and the freedom we love and enjoy will soon come to an end.

Join me and all those who love Jesus and this nation, and pray for repentance, humble hearts, and a willingness to return to God. If we do not, it is certain that our nation will not endure and the former glory the United States displayed as a light on a hill for all nations, will be extinguished.

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