Four Important Books On Bible Prophecy

The prophecies of the Bible are one of the most extraordinary realities of human life. God has spoken to us through His word and left us with stunning evidence of His existence and knowledge of all things.

The Prophecies of the Messiah,” details the incredible 400 Hebrew prophecies written in the Old Testament by the prophets, describing everything Jesus said and did in the New Testament.

The Messianic Prophecy Bible,” takes the 400 prophecies from The Prophecies of the Messiah book, and inserts them into a digitally linked format of the entire Bible. You can cross reference every prophecy of the Messiah from the Old Testament, and see how Jesus fulfilled each one in the New Testament with great precision.

The Book of Revelation Commentary,” is a verse by verse exegesis of the entire text of this important prophetic book, with thousands of other scriptures found throughout the entire Bible that define, confirm, and explain, all of the events of Revelation in a easy to understand and personally applicable format.

The Rapture: Jesus Coming For His Church,” is a systematic exegesis of the texts from the Old and New Testaments which predict the removal of those who love Jesus before the seven year Tribulation begins. If you have doubts about the reality of the Rapture, this important book will give you confidence and assurance that everyone who loves Jesus will be taken from earth before the terrible judgments of the Great Tribulation begins.

Biblical scholar, Robert Clifton Robinson, has written these four volumes detailing important prophetic events described by the Bible. If you are a serious student of Bible prophecy, or just beginning your study of these incredible events described by the Hebrew and Greek texts, you will find these verse by verse commentaries extremely helpful.

See all four of these books at the Author’s Amazon Website:

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