God: His Existence, Evidence For God

Evidence For God

The Being we are seeking is antecedent all other things. “In the beginning God” (Genesis 1). Matter did not exist first because matter cannot cause itself. The physical laws of the universe did not exist first, they are simply the course that all other things must follow. This course was planned by the One who came before all other things. He is the uncaused, cause of everything.

If God exists there would be evidence of His Being. The most logical and relevant evidence would be something that He has made. When we examine the origin, structure, and order of the universe we find that it has a proper and significant representation of intelligence as the source of its existence.

The evidence that is available today in science and cosmology reveal that prior to the moment the universe began, there was nothing; no time, no space, no matter. Although theoretical ideas are put forth for how the universe could exist when nothing was present before, none of these hypothesis can be tested or observed. In order to explain the commencement of the universe and how it exists within very narrowly defined physical constants, scientists have suggested the idea that there are perhaps an infinite number of other universes. Our universe came into being as a result of one of these other universes and there are likely many millions of other universes like ours which can also support life.

The problem with all of these theories is that we cannot see beyond our present universe to actually see if other universe do exist. Since we cannot test this theory we must use the evidence that we do have which confirms that ours is the only universe that exists and it came into existence at a moment when time, space, and matter also began.

Since the universe came into being after an unknown duration when there was nothing, we must seek to understand why the universe exists at all. There are two kinds of things that exist; things which must exist by necessity and things which do not need to exist.

The universe did not need to exist, therefore its beginning requires a cause that is transcendent of time, space, and matter. This cause must be intelligent because the physical laws which govern the universe demand a mind that could conceive and produce these laws. There is no natural process which can produce laws. For this fundamental attribute of the universe, we must have a thinking being. This is illustrated by less complicated machines which exist on earth that exist as a result of a mind which imagined these machines before they existed, and brought these useful machines into existence as a result of intelligently designed engineering. There is no example anywhere in the universe where things come into existence from nothing, for no reason, yet display qualities of design, order, and purpose. The universe exists with a clear purpose, to sustain human life on earth.

It is by the existence of the universe that we find sufficient and logical evidence to understand that a being like God must exist.

  1.  The evidence of physical constants which allow for life, cannot exist as a result of a natural process or by accident. See the 34 physical Constants.
  2. The commencement of the universe presents evidence of intelligence acting upon the manner in which matter expanded. See How The Universe Began,
  3. The fine-tuned environment of the universe, earth, and life on earth, make it impossible that all of these constants could exist at the same time as prerequisites of life. See God Is Necessary For The Universe To Exist
  4. The presence of the human mind which is exponentially more advanced than any animal requires that human beings are a separate and distinct creation.
  5. The presence of a conscience that informs the mind of realities which could not exist as a result of any evolutionary process. Guilt as a result of wrong speech or actions. Knowledge of God in all cultures, continents, and people, for the entire history of man’s existence on earth.
  6. The intrinsic value of beauty, design, relationships, love, family, and the feelings that result from these things, which only human beings posses, qualities which God possesses, who stated that we are made in His image.
  7. The quality of creation and satisfaction in creating which all human beings retain, similar to those qualities which God possesses, who stated that we are made in His image.

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