Sodom and Gomorrah: The Gay Marriage and Same Sex Controversy


Sodom and Gomorrah03What was the reason that God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah? When we examine all of the scriptures of the Bible regarding these two cites, we see a picture that helps us understand why so many people lost their lives. Genesis 18 and 19 describes the sins of those who inhabited these cities as “very grave,” necessitating fire and brimstone from heaven.[1] Jude wrote that the sin that is described in Genesis 18 was “sexual immorality,” and a people who had “gone after strange flesh.”[2] Peter described the destruction of these cities as an example of the judgment that God will inflict upon those who live sexually immoral lives.[3]

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When we read the story of Nineveh, this city had also reached a similar place of evil that required the judgment of God. When Jonah walked through the city and informed the inhabitants that God would destroy their city in forty days, all of the people ceased from their sins and turned to God in repentance. No destruction came to Nineveh.


Yet forty days, and Nineveh shall be overthrown!” So the people of Nineveh believed God, proclaimed a fast, and put on sackcloth, from the greatest to the least of them…Then God saw their works, that they turned from their evil way; and God relented from the disaster that He had said He would bring upon them, and He did not do it. Jonah 3:1-10

What we learn from these two examples is that God does not want to destroy the lives of human beings, He wants to save us from ourselves. It is not the will of God that evil should overtake our cities and destroy the beauty and serenity that is possible when people live together in peace.

As we examine who it was that determined that the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah should be destroyed, we find that it was the pre incarnate Jesus in one of his many appearance in the Old Testament, who issued the order. As we examine the text of Genesis 17 and 18, we see that the LORD, and two angels had come to Abram and Sarai to announce that they would have a son, who would be the first in a long line of descendants that would bring the Messiah into the world. God was sending us a Savior, and this ninety-nine year old man and ninety year old woman would be the parents of the first descendant. Through this son, the entire world would be blessed. God was going to make a way that every person who has been born on the earth, could have all of their sins removed and obtain heaven as their eternal destiny.

It was while bringing this wonderful news to Abraham and Sarah, as they would later be known, that the LORD also determined to destroy two cites, whose inhabitants had digressed so far into sexual immorality that their continued existence would threaten the peace, and safety of every other city and people. This sin in Sodom and Gomorrah had existed for a very long time, with no repentance or desire to cease their immoral actions. When we examine the moments when God had determined that a nation should be destroyed for their unwillingness to turn from evil, we find that hundreds of years of forbearance were given to these nations by God. In the case of the Canaanites, God waited nearly 900 years before the order came for judgement.

Was God justified in wiping out the entire Canaanite nation in the Old Testament? For almost 900 years, the Lord warned these brutal people to cease their worship of demonic gods and the offering of their children to the fiery hot arms of their sadistic god, Molech. After nearly a millennia, these warnings bore consequences, as the Lord ordered the systematic destruction of all the nations of the Canaanites.

Because of the patience of God, He was willing to delay judgement for an extraordinary long period of time. The Lord loved the Canaanites and earnestly desired that they would not see judgment, but instead; turn to Him in repentance and be saved. Before the Lord ordered their complete annihilation, He would demonstrate for us a very important principle in the Old Testament: God’s hatred of sin is rooted in His love for us.

Although God hates sin, His love for us is exceedingly greater. Although His law demands judgment for the sinner, His mercy offers us forgiveness. The consequences of sin is death, but the Grace of God offers us eternal life. Jesus was willing to bear all of God’s wrath for sin in His own body and die for all of our transgressions. Those who think God is willing to send sinners to hell should consider that His Son died so that this might never happen.


Before the Lord would order the destruction of the Amalekites, He would provide their nation with an extended period of time in which they might change their minds and come to Him for salvation. Before it is too late for each one of us, God allows an entire lifetime in order that we might decide to obey Him and receive His salvation. The Lord is always very patient, kind, and long-suffering towards us. Although each one of the Amalekites would face their own separate judgment at the conclusion of their life, the Lord would allow nearly 900 years before His judgment would fall on the entire nation.

What we find in the example of the Amalekites is that God is not angry and spiteful; instead He is extraordinarily patient and kind. Although the Lord warned these nations to cease their evil, He relented from destroying their nation for a very long time. The Lord always gives us as much time as possible, with the hope that we will see how much He loves us and that His ways are far better than those we have chosen for ourselves. In the chapter: Understanding God’s Judgment, this issue is described in great detail.

The issues of Same-sex relationships and gay marriage is not limited to the rights of one group of people who are being denied their civil liberties. This issue concerns the rights of the entire population of the earth to live in a world without depravity, disease, and perversion.

Anytime that we use something for a purpose, other than the reason that it was made, we not only cause harm to what is being misused, we harm what is nearby. What if you were to spend many hours making something for someone that you loved; a useful tool or some other beneficial instrument. When you gave this tool to the person for whom you had made it, they began to use it in such a way that they caused the destruction of the tool you made and caused harm to the people who were near the one who misused this tool, how would you feel?

God created our bodies as useful and beneficial tools for us. Through these bodies we are able to experience the beauty and sanctity of human life. God made men and women for each other. They are clearly designed to fit together; emotionally, spiritually, and physically. When a man and woman live together under an agreement to be faithful and love each other—for life, they greatly benefit from this union. In fact, all those around this couple are also benefitted and blessed by their faithful union.

If two men or two women, make for themselves, this same union; we immediately notice that this joining together is not natural. Men are clearly not made for other men, nor are women, made for women. The fact that persons are making a consensual choice to join themselves together, is not the issue. When an unnatural union occurs, that is contrary to the obvious purpose for human life, harm ensues for the sanctity of all human society.

Who has the right to determine the rules for social behavior in the world? If we leave this decision to individuals we find that people tend to do what is right in their own eyes, regardless of how it affects other people. When governments make the decisions for how its citizens shall conduct themselves; in democratic societies, leaders tend to grant equal rights to all persons. In this matter, the question arises: are acts of perversion protected under the constitution of the United States and other countries with similar forms of government?

Although intercourse between Same-sex couples is biologically abnormal and against the natural use of the human body, many people today feel that Same-sex couples have the right to do what they please with their own bodies. Same-sex advocates assert that gay couples should not be discriminated against and prohibited from marriage, as well as many other rights that are granted to heterosexual individuals.

But what of the effects that these unnatural unions—cause for the rest of the population? According to detailed studies that are chronicled by the Family Research Institute, Same-sex couples who marry and raise children in their homes, cause great harm to the institution of marriage and family:


Children with homosexual parents lead troubled lives. The only randomly drawn sample found 17 who reported a homosexual parent. These 17 were more likely to report sex with a parent, to engage in homosexuality for their first sexual encounter, to be sexually molested, to become homosexual, and to report dissatisfaction with their childhood.”[4]

In a large comprehensive study that originated from the reports of teachers and interviews with students and their parents, 58 elementary school children who were raised by homosexual parents; found that these children did far worse than the children of heterosexual couples.[5]

“Children of homosexuals scored somewhat higher in social studies, lowest in math and language skills, were least popular (often socially isolated), experienced the lowest levels of parental involvement both at school and at home, did more household tasks, and were more frequently tutored. Their parents less frequently expressed high educational and career aspirations for them. In fact, teachers said children of homosexuals were ‘more confused’ about their gender.”[6]

In the records of court cases, the Family Research Institute noted:

142 children with homosexual parents were involved in 78 custody disputes. According to the court records, parents who lied, engaged in criminal activity, or practiced homosexuality were more apt to be recorded as harming their children. Again according to the record, homosexual parents more frequently lied and/or engaged in criminal activity.”[7] This was in comparison to heterosexual couples.


Scientific studies prove that homosexual couples cause great harm to their children.

In a study of 40 homosexual parents that followed the children of these parents, researchers found that there were grave issues of molestation, and recruitment by their homosexual couples to participate in sex with their parents.[8]

In a study of 4,600 children who lived with heterosexual parents, 28 (.61%) were molested by their parents or stepparents. In similar cases investigate that concerned homosexual parents, nearly 50.0% of the children who were being raised by these couples, stated that they had sex with their father; 20.0% of girls reported sex with a stepmother.[9]

The unions of Same-sex couples in marriage who are raising families, has demonstrated that these relationships cause great harm to human society. The children of these parents are permanently scarred and their lives changed forever by the acts of their gay and lesbian parents. The entire fabric of human society rests upon the integrity and sanctity of the family. As we permit Same-sex couples to marry and raise families, we have allowed the deterioration of the most fundamental and important part of our lives. The scientific and empirical evidence is conclusive; gay marriage is harmful to the foundation of family.


When the government of the United States was founded, homosexuality was considered a capital offense.[10] In all of the original thirteen colonies and later, all fifty of the United States, sodomy was punished by severe penalties with several states invoking a sentence of death, such as New York, Vermont, Connecticut, and South Carolina.[11] Thomas Jefferson authored a bill that called for dismemberment as the punishment for sodomy in the state of Virginia.[12]

Thomas Jefferson Dismemberment for Sodomy

The founders of our nation and the authors of our Constitution, recognized the threat of Same-sex relationships for American society. When these men constructed the laws of America, the foundation that was used for the Constitution came from Blackstone’s commentary on the Law. In Blackstone’s commentary, he details the acts of homosexuality as a “crime that is malignant, detestable, and against nature…”[13]

During the institution of laws for the state of Virginia, in 1610, the 9th law of the New Colony of America, stated:

“No man shall commit the horrible and detestable sins of sodomy”

The Founding Fathers would find it unbelievable that our government today, has granted the same rights of marriage and family to Same-sex couples, that are guaranteed to heterosexual couples. These men understood that to accept homosexuality as a socially viable alternative and right of the people, would undermine and erode the entire moral foundation of our nation. The methods by which homosexual activists have pressured lawmakers and government leaders; using the guise of equal rights as the basis for their arguments, has astonished those who have watched this take place.

Beginning with the politically incorrect agenda that makes it impossible to stand against anything the a person disagrees with or to express an opposing opinion on any matter; gay leaders have normalized their lifestyle as the product of genetics, rather than a social choice (See the chapter: Born This Way). Teaching tolerance for gays in our schools, enacting laws that guarantees their right to marry and raise children; has not been sufficient to satisfy Same-sex advocates. In the coming years we will see the criminalization of any person who stands in opposition to any suppression or elimination of gay rights, including pastors who teach that Same-sex relationships are sinful, according to the established doctrines of the Bible. While protecting the rights of Same-sex persons, our government has deteriorated and suppressed the rights of a majority of Americans to exercise their first amendment right to worship according to their conscience. If you are a Christian living in the United States today, you can no longer refuse to participate in activity that concerns a Same-sex person, if you own a business.

Americans are very worried about domestic and international terrorism on our soil; while a great number remain unconcerned about the terrorism of the gay agenda that poses an equal danger to the very fabric of our nation. The threats of law suits, demonstrations of opposition, and distortions of truth in the media, by Same-sex leaders; all contribute to fear amongst law makers to allow Same-sex couples all the rights they insist on, as-well-as, the suppression of religious persons who oppose their insistence.

The demands of a minority should not have the power to deprive, impinge, or void; the rights of the majority. Yet, this is precisely what has taken place in the United States in recent years. The people of several states have voted to not allow Same-sex marriage in their state; the Federal government overruled the decision of the people and made gay marriage the law of the land.[14] We are no longer a nation, “by the people and for the people.” We are a nation that is ruled by the government and a few activist judges who do not enforce the laws of our nation, they institute laws—in opposition to the will of the people.

This book details the important facts regarding Same-sex relationships, gay marriage, what the Bible has to say regarding these issues.

“Sodom and Gomorrah, The Gay Marriage and Same-Sex Controversy,” now available at Amazon

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