Is Jesus God?

This page displays a list of all articles that validate Jesus as the Creator/God of the Universe and all that exists.

A Transcendent God
A Prophecy Impossible to Fulfill
Jesus Understood That He Was Fulfilling Prophecy
365 Messianic Prophecies
How Jesus Controlled the Earlier and Later Fulfillment of Prophecy
The Darkness at Noon During Jesus Crucifixion is Confirmed by Secular Historians
Jesus Chose a Precise Day to Announce He was the Messiah–To Fulfill Daniel’s Chapter 9 Prophecies
Jesus Elevates His Authority Above All Other Authority
The Universe as Evidence for God
He Spoke the Universe Into Existence, But He Spoke Not a Word in His Own Defense
If Jesus is God, Why Did He Refer to the Father as Greater than Himself?
Jesus Died for 100 Trillion Sins
Jesus Suffered For, and Took the Sins of Those Who Would Never Receive Him
Impossible Predictions Which Jesus Perfectly Fulfilled
For Just One Sin…
Is the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Supported by Reliable Evidence?
The Overwhelming Empirical Evidence for Jesus Death and Resurrection
Who Made God?
The Suffering of God at Man’s Unwillingness to be Saved
When our Assumptions About God Prevent us From Being Saved
Why the World Hates Jesus and Those Who Follow Him
Why the King of kings Came into the World–Poor and Destitute
Difficult to Believe: That God Would Permit His Son to Die for Sinners
Jesus Power in Defeating Three Rulers by Saying Nothing
All Time and History Itself is Marked By Jesus Life, Death, and Resurrection
Jesus Healed the Scars of all People–Yet He Will Bear His Own Scars Forever
Jesus Said: “If You Have Seen Me, You Have Seen God”
How Much Jesus Suffered For Us
When God Learned
That God Would Die For Us
Why Would God Create Man–Knowing that It Would Require the Death of His Son?
God Will Have the Last Word in Our Lives
“You Have Heard That it Was Said,” The True Meaning of God’s Law
How God Can Be Known
The God Who Came to Serve
When the Lord is My Shepherd
Where True Wisdom Originates
The Traditions of Men, False Religion, and the True Intent of God’s Law
What Happened to Our Sins When Jesus Died?
You Need Mercy, Not Condemnation
How Culture and Tradition Can Deprive You of Eternal Life
The Centurion and Jesus: Great Faith or Evidence of Contradiction?
A Woman Caught in the Act of Adultery
The Fulness of the Holy Spirit: The Power of God Within Jesus
Jesus: He is the Most Interesting Man in the World
How Can Jesus Be a Son and the Everlasting Father?
Jesus Claimed that He is Proof–God Exists
The Messiah Will Be a “Wonderful Counselor”
An Impossible Universe
When God Revealed Himself…
When God Became a Man
The Enduring Myth of Jesus
The Foolishness of the Cross
Jesus: Whose Son is He?
Who is Truly Good? “Only God,” Jesus says of Himself
Empirical Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ
The Unknown God
How God Has Chosen to Reveal Himself
Why Jesus is the Only Way to Heaven
A Sinister Plan to Destroy the Messiah
The Humility of Jesus–Enabled our Exaltation
If God Exists, There Would Be Evidence
Jesus Was Not Ashamed to Die For You
Are Some Sinners Worse Than Others?
The Transcendent Knowledge of the Bible
David Describes Jesus Crucifixion, 1,000 Years in Advance
Jesus Was Born to Die
Jesus Controlled All of the Final Events of His Life
He Made Him Who Knew No Sin, To Become Sin For Us
The Resurrection, Fabrication or Fulfillment?
Scholarly Evidence For Jesus Authenticity as the Messiah
Jesus Ordered His Life to Fulfill Prophecy
Historical Evidence For Jesus Resurrection
Errors in our Concept of God
Jesus the Prophet: His Predictions–Fulfilled
The Serpent on a Pole and Jesus Lifted Up
“Not One of His Bones Shall Be Broken”
The Prophetic Fulfillment of the Seven Feasts of Israel by Jesus
The Prophecy of Tyre
Essentials of Salvation–Justice
Essentials of Salvation–Atonement
If Jesus was not Born of a Virgin, He Could not be our Savior
Why They Called Him “Jesus”
Why People Do Not Believe in Jesus
Do the Terms “Begotten,” and “Firstborn” Mean that Jesus is Created?
The Historical Record of Jesus Life from Secular Sources
The Historicity of Jesus from the Talmud and Josephus
Who is Jesus


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