Creation of the Universe

This page displays a list of all articles that proves that God is the source of the universe, not happenstance or a naturalistic cause.

The End of the Universe: Time and Eternity
How God Controls Time
A Transcendent God
The Universe as Evidence for God
Why Salvation is a Free Gift
The Lord is More Interested in Your Character Than Your Comfort
Salvation Without Baptism, Altar Call, or Church Membership
He Spoke the Universe Into Existence, But He Spoke Not a Word in His Own Defense
Who Made God?
When our Assumptions About God Prevent us From Being Saved
All Time and History Itself is Marked By Jesus Life, Death, and Resurrection
The Origin of the Universe and Life on Other Planets
Ice Creme and the Universe
The Non-Theist, Materialist, and Humanist Claim of Man’s Evolution as a Moral Being
Jesus Claimed that He is Proof–God Exists
An Impossible Universe
Why God Came to Earth as a Baby
When God Revealed Himself…
When God Became a Man
Time and Eternity and the Relativity of Simultaneity
The Beginning of the Universe: Reconciling 6 Days with 13.7 Billion Years
The Universe Exists as Empirical Evidence For God
The True Age of the Universe, and the Fall of Lucifer
The Unknown God
How God Has Chosen to Reveal Himself
If God Exists, There Would Be Evidence
40 Empirical Facts that Prove the Existence of God
The Messiah’s Star
Why People Do Not Believe in Jesus
The Historical Record of Jesus Life from Secular Sources
The Historicity of Jesus from the Talmud and Josephus
The Reliability of the New Testament


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