People Who Display the Greatest Resistance to God, Are Often the Closest to Salvation


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It is interesting that a person will search out Christian web sites where evidence for God is put forth, in order to dispute His existence. A person who genuinely does not believe something, does not need to convince others. When a matter is settled in our mind, we are finished with the struggle to understand it.

The fact that a person is vigorously active in visiting the web sites of those who disagree with them, is a sign that this person is really not that convinced that their position is correct. I have been a follower of Jesus for over 40 years. In times past, when I was still developing my thoughts, I would often visit the sites of atheists and seek a dialogue with those who frequent these places. As I realized that what I believed about God, was the truth, I no longer needed to seek affirmation from those who do not believe.

It is a fact that the people who are often the most vocal against God, are individuals who are the closest to surrendering their lives to Him. As a person becomes more and more convinced by the evidence for God, they will often become quite militant in their opposition of those who do believe. I have observed this phenomenon quite often in the types of comments that are made on this web site, in response to articles that I have written.

On a continual basis, I have conversations with people who are in the 18-26 year old age group that tell me all the reasons why they cannot believe in God, the Bible, or Jesus Christ. They have many excuses, which all boil down to one common hindrance; they simply do not want to believe. By their protests, it is very easy to see that they really do not have a solid basis for unbelief, but are still trying to form their thoughts on this matter, while trying to convince themselves that God doesn’t exist. If they can win an argument with a Biblical Apologist, like myself, or should I say, believe that they have won; they feel just a little better about their position and the continuance of unbelief.

Most of us who spend our lives studying people, understand that 18-24 year old’s are still trying to find out who they are in the world. Many of these young people have recently finished college and have had four years of anti-Christain rhetoric from several atheist professors. Some of these individuals went into college as believers, but were convinced by their teachers that God is simply a crutch that weak minded people use to cope with the world, rather than science and logic.

All of the arguments of these persons are nearly the same; leading the listener to conclude that their positions have originated from a common source. The subsequent regurgitation of information that was force fed to these students, leads the listener to conclude that none of this information was really verified by these students. Having spent four to eight years at a university, being told that they should learn to think for themselves, many young people, instead, adopt the the same world view of their former teachers. There are few persons who have conducted a serious personal search for truth and have developed original thoughts about the really important questions of life.

It was during my second year at university that I realized that my professors were all trying very hard to sell me on their Godless philosophy of life. This of course, had the opposite effect upon me. By my own investigation, I quickly learned that their assertions were not only inaccurate, but based upon bias and a quantifiable lack of evidence.

The fervency of college professors to convince students to forget about God and the Bible, and just be a “free thinker,” has had a significant effect on many, impressionable young men and women. By the time that a person finishes their college education, few have a world view that includes God.

As one who has been down this road before, I can say with certainty that all of my godless college professor’s were wrong. The evidence for God is overwhelming. In order to maintain a position that God does not exist, a person would have to ignore the massive evidence that conflicts with this view. I have written ten books regarding the existence of God, and specifically, Jesus of Nazareth as the personal representation of God as He came physically to the earth, 2,000 years ago.

People often ask me if I have any empirical evidence for God. The answer is always and emphatic, “Yes, of course.”

History has recorded the presence of certain individuals who have made a significant mark on the world, and specifically; human life. Of all the persons who are recorded by antiquity, there is no other that has so significantly affected human life, in greater regard, than the life of Jesus—who is called; “The Christ.”

Often I will read the comments of persons who assert that Jesus is a myth of history, with no real evidence for His existence. When I read these comments, I realize that this dear individaul has clearly not examined the evidence that is available. In my book; “Yeshu, The Historical Jesus,” I document the substantial record of history from secular and religious sources that prove that Jesus was alive on the earth during the time that the New Testament describes Him.

A person may refuse to believe the Bible,; they may not accept any religious documents that describes Jesus Christ. It is impossible, however, to dispute the records of the Roman archives that were compiled by their Senate, which described Jesus of Nazareth in Jerusalem during the time that the four gospels also place Him there. These records of the Roman Senate, described Jesus as crucified under Pontius Pilate, and portray Him as a disruptive and troublesome individual. The Jewish Talmud also records Jesus in Jerusalem during the same period of history;  also as a disrupter of the peace, and one who caused the Sanhedrin of Israel great trouble.

How is it that two hostile governments, who had no interest in preserving any record of Jesus life, nor the early Christian church, have both preserved a reliable record of His existence in their chronicles of history?

When we examine the current scientific understanding of the universe, we discover that a majority of those who study the beginning of the Cosmos, cannot tell us how the universe came into existence in the first place. As we examine the physics of the universe, we find that there were forces at work during the first micro seconds, that were clearly controlled by a force that is unknown by scientists, which caused a specific outcome, that allowed life to exist, billions of year later. As we examine the entire universe, we find that there were many events that have taken place, over the course of a great amount of time, that were engineered by an incredible intelligence, that caused the universe to exist as it does today. If the present universe was not specifically engineered to allow for life, then life would have never been possible on the earth today. In my book: “A Universe From God,” I detail the scientific evidence for God that proves conclusively that God must exist in order for the universe to exist.

There are numerous evidences for God’s existence and the fact that Jesus is a real person from history.

When Jesus came to earth, He claimed that He is God, the Creator of all that exists. Then, He determined that He would live a life that was both morally pure of all sin, and exhibited power and wisdom that we would expect from someone who truly is God. As we examine the words of Jesus and the life that He has lived upon the earth, we are struck by the singularity of His life. There has never been another person Like Jesus Christ. Although the followers of Jesus are often fallible and imperfect in their lives, Jesus life was perfect in every regard.

Finally, if a person had any doubts about the true identity of Jesus, we have the certain evidence of the resurrection. Jesus told His followers that the hundreds of Old Testament prophecies about the Messiah, clearly described Him as One who would be put to death for the sins of the world, then rise from the dead on the third day. I detail 365 Messianic prophecies of the Messiah, in my book: “The Prophecies of the Messiah.”

God has made himself known to us in the person of His Son. The presence of Jesus upon the earth is sufficient proof for any intelligent person, that God does exist and He has made Himself clearly known.

The next time that you meet a person who is very vocal about their opposition to God, the Bible, or Jesus Christ, remember that you are listening to a person who is desperately holding on to their last efforts to deny what they know is true. Don’t argue with these dear individuals; just tell them that you know that God exists because His Son lives in your heart and you have a living and personal relationship with Him—every day. Write down their name and remember to pray for this person as often as you are able. It may not be too long before they will finally surrender their life to Jesus and join the immense family of God. The work of the Holy Spirit, in the life of those who are in the process of discovering God, is a time of great turmoil. As the heart and mind become convinced, their are often visible evidences of this struggle. Vocal and written opposition are early signals that a conflict is going on in the heart. We can assist these persons, not by arguing, but by loving them, encouraging, and praying for them to find out who Jesus really is and receive Him as their Savior.

For all those who are still searching and going through this time of conflict in your life life, I am praying for you…

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