“The New Testament Was Written Late In The First Century”

“So, you call yourself an apologist, right?”

“Yes, I seek to prove facts by presenting evidence, why?”

“You know, a majority of scholars say that the New Testament was written late in the first century or early in the second century by non-eyewitnesses.”

“Yes, I have heard this assertion by atheists many times. Men like Bart Ehrman and Mitchell Reddish, amongst many other atheist scholars have alleged this is true.”

“What do you mean, ‘alleged’? These are some of the world’s most recognized New Testament scholars. They have the education to make these conclusions.”

“Really!. Did you happen to notice that in a majority of the books and essays these atheist scholars write, they fail to provide any evidence to prove the statements they make about the late-date writing of the New Testament?”

“No, I didn’t notice that. Why do you keep referring to them as ‘atheist scholars?”

“These men and women write from the perspective of someone who does not believe that God exists in the first place. They don’t believe God exists, therefore the testimony about Jesus in the New Testament cannot be true. They say that the men who wrote the New Testament, made Jesus God, but He never claimed to be God Himself.”

“Why does it matter whether someone believes in God or not when they are evaluating the authenticity of the New Testament?”

“You know the answer to that question. All of us make decisions and hold views based upon our worldview. How can a person be a legitimate New Testament scholar when they begin with the premise that the text is not true?”

“I think these persons are professionals and have the ability to not allow bias to enter into their conclusions.”

“In a perfect world, perhaps this would be true. Unfortunately, the evidence we have today proves that they do possess great bias and all of their books and essays bear this evidence in the written text they have published.”

“How is that?”

“As I mentioned earlier, Ehrman and Reddish have not presented any evidence whatsoever to prove that the New Testament was written late in the first century by non-eyewitnesses. They are merely stating their opinions. If they were, in fact, seeking to be unbiased, they would not use their opinions to make conclusions, they would present facts. The expression of personal opinion over facts is a clear indication that a person is biased in their views.”

“You accuse these liberal atheist scholars of bias, what about you? Don’t you have a bias also? You express your opinions in your books and essays, correct?”

“In every book and essay I write as an Apologist, I also provide evidence to support my conclusions. It is really quite easy to prove the New Testament was written by eyewitnesses who saw and heard Jesus. There are 134 citations in the New Testament where the writers say they saw Jesus, heard Him, and are writing a truthful account of all that happened.”

“Then why do a majority of scholars disagree with you?”

“You are mistaken. The majority view of conservative New Testament scholars have stated the text was written early in the first century by eyewitnesses. The reason you believe the majority of scholar hold your view is because you have only read opinions on atheist websites where they quote atheist scholars. There are about 20 percent of all scholars who are atheists and hold the views you assert; there are 80 percent who are conservative scholars who believe the New Testament is a reliable historical narrative of true events, written early in the first century by the men who saw and heard Jesus.”

“Well, Mitchell Reddish has written a text book for first year Seminary students and he said that Jesus never expected the men who were His disciples, to write anything.”

“Yes, I know he said this, but is not true, nor is there any evidence to prove this. Again, this is simply the opinion of Mitchell Reddish. Twelve times Jesus tells John to write everything that he has seen. The final words of Jesus in Acts 1:8, was to go into all the world and tell everyone what they had seen and heard. The only way this would be possible was if they wrote their testimony and sent it out in the form of letters to the local churches in Asia Minor, with instructions to send these texts from those places, to the rest of the known world of the Roman Empire.”

“Where can I read some of your books and essay’s”

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The Following Book Contains Substantial Evidence That Proves Eyewitnesses Wrote The New Testament Early In The First Century:

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