Impeaching The Atheist Excuse That There Is No Evidence For God

During 44 years of interviewing atheists regarding their objections for God, they have repeatedly told me that “there is no evidence for God.” What I have discovered upon cross examination, is that the atheist doesn’t like the evidence for God nor do they agree that what is presented as evidence is valid.

The three primary points of evidence that are presented to the world for the existence of God are; The Universe, The Prophetic Accuracy Of The Bible, and The Presence Of Jesus On Earth, who claimed to be God.

It would be redundant to list the evidence for these three proofs here in this article, as I have written several articles already on this site and have published seven books which contains substantial and credible evidence to prove these three points. I will list the major articles which document this evidence and two books I have published which present empirical evidence to prove God, at the end of this article.

When someone asserts that there is no evidence for something, it is assumed that they have some degree of knowledge that would permit such a statement. In the case of the atheist, their assertion that no evidence for God exists, has no factual basis, because the majority of atheists have never searched for evidence for God.

I have documented the scientific evidence for the universe which proves that it did not, nor could it, originate as a natural process. This means that the universe was caused, it did not evolve or come about as a result of any natural process.

The universe gives us clear evidence that from -430th of a second, precise events took place that had to be determined before the universe began. If the outcome was not determined beforehand, the universe would have proceeded in chaos and no stars or planets would ever have formed. Most people are not aware of how many processes were required over vast expanses of time, in order for second generation stars to have the capacity to form. Without second generation stars, life on earth would not exist. There are an incalculable number of processes required for second generation stars to exist, and these processes must be in place before the universe commences.

If the universe had really begun on its own and evolved stars and planets, there would be evidence that we could examine today that would allow us to prove this is true. What we find instead is that precise settings were made at the first picosecond of the universe, and continued for billions of years, which controlled how the universe would develop. This development was clearly directed and not haphazard. There was a plan in place from the beginning to exact a specific outcome. I detail these processes in two of my books:

Links to articles that I have written to  enumerate and provide empirical evidence of a universe that exists by specific acts of intelligence are posted in this article.

Articles Validating Evidence From The Universe:

Articles Validating The Bible And Jesus As Evidence For God:

I have given atheists hundreds of opportunities to impeach the evidence from the universe, the Bible, and the presence of Jesus on earth, over the past 44 years. To the present day, I have never received a compelling argument. What I have heard and seen, are continuous criticism that none of thousands of pieces of evidence for God that exists today, are evidence that the atheist will accept.

The atheists first argument that there is no evidence for God is easily impeached, as well as the argument that the evidence that is presented is not evidence. The atheist can be impeached and their agenda understood, by their complete unwillingness to accept anything that is presented to prove God’s existence. The atheist of our modern era is not really an atheist at all. They are haters of God, religion, Christ and His Bible. These are not matters that are proven by a lack of evidence, but demonstrate that the atheist has an agenda to oppose God at every juncture, regardless of what is presented.

In these realities we see that today’s atheist is disingenuous in their assertions of no evidence for God. The truth is, they don’t want evidence, nor are they seeking evidence. The entire ploy is a smokescreen to allow these individuals to live their lives free of a consciousness of God and those who preach the Gospel of Christ and the future judgment of the world.

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2 replies

  1. Dear Mr. Robinson,

    Thank you for this good essay and wealth of information.

    In their quest for “evidence” of God’s existence, atheists reveal themselves
    as very carnal-minded and seek answers in the physicality of this temporal world.

    They haven’t the brains enough, it seems, to realize that God constitutes more
    than just measured statistics and so-called scientific analysis. God exists in the
    very fabric of our consciousness,

    An atheist, for example, will tell me that the pizza he is eating tastes good.
    I dare him to empirically prove that assertion. He cannot do it. It is subjective,
    nor do I have the capability of experiencing his experience.
    I can easily refute any of his testimony.

    Similarly, God is Love. His Love cannot be distilled in a laboratory test tube.

    Therefore, in conclusion, unless a person experiences God, a person will not
    believe because his criteria are inadequate and cannot account for the
    expansive breath of God’s influence. The atheist is hindered by his own lack of
    scope which is a by-product of self-importance, pride, and ego which cannot allow
    for the supposition of power greater than his own.

    Steve Rodak


  2. I would also add DNA evidence to your argument. Even atheist geneticists are admitting the accuracy of scripture regarding mans timeline.


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